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The most reliable rating of binary options brokers is here! All information provided on the site is the result of many years of experience and trading experience, use knowledge to protect yourself from scammers!

Not so long ago, binary options were just gaining momentum and few people even thought about choosing a broker. Everyone registered in the first data center that came across and, without even looking, contributed their funds, and of course, they lost all or part of it.

Now trading in binary options has already been legalized enough to specifically present the best trading conditions for the most comfortable trading.

A reliable broker is your friend! The key to success is collaboration. In this section, you will find a description of many advanced nuances and little things in choosing a broker with whom you can and should trade in order to easily withdraw money!

Who is the best broker?

But at the moment (judging by the reviews), only one leader can be distinguished among all binary options brokers, namely: it is, of course, FinMax!

Finmax binary options


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Finmax provides probably the best trading conditions, unique promotions and what cannot but rejoice is a very convenient trading platform, which is a rarity for many others.

And the development of a trading platform is not a small cost, and already here you can reveal the serious intentions of the company and that it will not risk its reputation, as it has invested a lot of money in itself.

Only a TOP broker has a real market entry!

So far, Finmax is the only one that brings transactions to the market, and does not simply conduct them “within the software interface”.

Quotes are not delivered at the program level, like most kitchens, but only market ones (liquidity provider Leverate).

Why are quotes so important?

This question is clear to those who have been in the market for a long time, but unfortunately it is not taken into account by beginners, for them the most important thing is to quickly earn a million dollars.

But the whole outcome of the trade depends on the price at which your trade is closed. And if the broker puts spokes in the wheels, then no matter how profitable your trading method is, nothing will work out for you.

No matter how hard you try, a dishonest broker will do everything to make you lose your deposit as soon as possible.

That is why it is recommended to choose from the lists that you will find - only a reliable and trusted broker for trading.

FinMax has already ironically declared itself that the binary options market is its market. If you want to succeed in this interesting business, then you need to open an account with him.

 Reliable protection of your funds - only with FinMax 

FinMax has especially transparent conditions, since it is under strict regulation, and if it does not pay funds to some trader, then the regulator will impose a fine, and fines there ... it’s not just 100 bucks, there are amounts with a lot of zeros and it is much easier for a broker to pay a trader than to pay a fine.

Here you really can not be afraid for your deposit that it will suddenly disappear somewhere. Your capital is under reliable protection if you keep it with one of these time-tested and experienced brokers.

Many beginners neglect this, but after all, first of all, any self-respecting trader should worry about the safety of his deposit, and secondly, for the earnings itself.

Finmax has a typical procedure - the withdrawal is carried out on the first request and without any delay!


From registration to trading - 3 steps

As a rule, traders with deposits from 1000$ go to Finmax and spin it up to at least 100000$ (then they withdraw part of it), because now in the world of the digital age there are many different automated methods, for example, you can easily use signals.

After all, the whole trading process fits into THREE steps!

All that is needed is select asset (couple) → determine the direction and expiration time → enter the amount of the transaction and buy the option!

Three steps to start trading

Who is included in the list and reliable honest brokers?

As for other brokers, they should not be taken into account at all, since there should be only one leader in the game.

Do not look for ratings on other sites, all other ratings are purchased! They place brokers for money without checking them. On the same site - all the information is first-hand - verified and tested over the years.

Back in 2009, when only binary options were gaining their popularity on the Russian-speaking Internet, there was a broker 24option, which occupied a leading position in all rating systems, but as soon as it left the Russian market, it was replaced by FinMax.

FinMax is a successful broker who is determined and determined, we have been working with him since the very beginning of 2015!

Yes, it's already the end of 2020, but an old broker is always better than a new one!

One thing can be said - how to identify a kitchen from a standing broker? If a broker provides trading on weekends, he is cheating! The exchange does not work on weekends (with the exception of cryptocurrency, which is traded around the clock).


Registration is free! You can open a Demo account at the beginning and try the trading platform, if you get the taste and you like it, you can already start trading for real money.

Latest reviews

The most recent up-to-date reviews taken from popular forums indicate that Finmax fulfills all its obligations to traders and does not look into your wallet. Even if you have a minimum deposit, support will treat you as kindly as they treat traders with platinum accounts :)

After all, if you replenish your account with at least 250$, you have every chance to overclock it to at least 2000$! For example, you can use risk free tradeif you lose, the broker will return the loss at his own expense!

Open an account and start trading!

Top Benefits of Binary Options Trading

  • Availability of binary options. No special knowledge in the field of trading is needed;
  • Quick and easy startas a way to get money. After 60 seconds, you can earn the first profit;
  • The lowest entry threshold To the market. this is nowhere else! Binary options allow you to start trading on the market with as little as 250$;
  • Online training. The opportunity to learn the basics of trading for free on a special free Demo account with virtual funds;
  • Opportunity to choose the level of income. On BO there is a fixed rate, you know in advance the amount of profit, even before buying an option, and choose how much you want to earn;
  • You make your own work schedule. You can choose a convenient trading style that is comfortable for you. The exchange operates from Monday to Friday 24 hours a day;
  • Opportunity to increase profitability. Using already proven and tested trading tactics and strategies in conjunction with fresh analytics, you can predict the course of trading pairs much more accurately;
  • Opportunity to become a true professional! Thanks to a large amount of up-to-date insider information and educational materials, you have every chance to become successful in trading and reach a serious level of earnings;
  • Different options for investing without direct participation. A large selection of assets for trading, which you can not actually purchase, but simply earn on the difference in rates - it's easier;
  • You are protected! The best brokers are heavily regulated by special companies that watch and monitor the activities of brokers. On occasion, a license can be revoked from him, fined, etc. The trader receives compensation for losses.


(Special conditions: 3 risk-free trades are provided for each new trader)

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