Social Radar: copy trades of the best binary options traders!

Social Radar: copy trades of the best binary options traders!
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The social radar is exactly what everyone has been waiting for. After all, now you have a unique opportunity to earn without experience and knowledge literally from scratch!

All you need is to find the best trader and just copy their trades!

Don't want to trade hands? Don't like to constantly sit at the monitor analyzing an already difficult market?

Tired of everyday fuss: will the deal close in plus or suffer a loss again?

Do you want to secure your deposit and trust professionals who have been on the market for a long time and know all the nuances and subtleties of market trading?

Set it up once and forget it!

Enough to suffer a loss, enough to drain the deposit! Set up ONCE to copy the best and take profit after profit!

What to do?

To start copying the best deals, fill out an application for special page;

Replenish the deposit (preferably at least 1000$, so that it is enough in case of a drawdown);

Log in to the Web platform and click on the social radar button on the left side of the menu to launch the Trader Monitoring window:

Now you need to choose the top and best traders who have shown stable results over the past 6 months.


Repeating the success of the best is what you need!

For example, we are looking for the one with the highest profitability and click "Follow":

We set the minimum trade size, for example, 10$, and the size of the loss limit, respectively, 100$. And so you need to do with everyone who has a decent profitability and click "Approve":

After that, all the selected traders will appear in our list, and as soon as they start making transactions, they will be instantly copied to us!

But keep in mind that hasty results are not made during the day or after the trader has made a couple of transactions. You need to follow at least a week and look at the style of his trading. A month is better.

You also need to understand that it doesn’t matter how much the trader entered, the deal will open with exactly the lot that we chose ourselves.

The loss limit should be set in the equivalent with a margin of 10 possible trades, that is, if you set the trade size to 50$, then it is better to set a larger possible loss - to 500$.

And just now, some trader apparently opened a deal :)

It closed with a profit, it is clear that the trader already has some understanding of the market, since the option was bought just before the reversal:

If, for some reason, a trader makes 10 losing trades in a row (and this practically does not happen), an automatic unsubscribe about him will occur.

A maximum of 4 subscriptions can be issued. For any beginner and inexperienced trader who has just entered the market, this is the best option.

After all, even using signals in order to earn, you need constant concentration to open positions at the exact time. And then he set up and went to drink tea!

Start copying now »

Why is it safe to copy trades now?

We do not copy only one trader, to diversify funds, we select several at once.

Ultimately it will look like this: for example, the first one made a loss-making investment, and the second made a profitable one. etc.

This is how we insure ourselves against losses in case of a drawdown, although in order for a trader to make a large number of losing trades in a row, it is necessary that he be a schoolboy, and the service for copying trades does not choose such :) Only the best players on the market get into this rating!

An experienced trader generally always has a golden rule: If there are 2-3 losing trades in a row, it means that I am doing something wrong and I am no longer trading today.

And here are some trading statistics formed the very next day:

Out of 10 trades, only 2 are unprofitable! Not bad right?

Start multiplying your capital from scratch today!

Start copying!

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