Binary options signals for free online!

Binary options signals for free online!
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Binary options signals for free online are now available for every trader who still does not know how or does not want to trade on his own.

Probably every trader would like to receive signals for binary options not only for free, but also online, so that all that remains is to watch - buy contracts and watch the growth of the deposit.

What are signals for binary options?

Typically, binary options signals look like this:

  • You are given the direction of entry;
  • Specified expiration time;
  • Specifies the price level from which you want to open a deal.

What are the signals?

There are many ways to receive trading signals, let's analyze the most promising ones. Let's start from the less reliable ones and move on to the really working ones.

Signals from technical indicators

The largest site for technical analysis is a reputable resource that allows you to receive trading signals for binary options for free, the data is updated online.

On the one hand, it is easy to use them (no additional analyzes are needed), but on the other hand, they are too “general signals” and have little accuracy, additional knowledge is required. If you are a beginner, it is dangerous to take such signals into account.

The site presents 6 types of technical analysis that provide up-to-date information for making deals:

  1. Technical overview: the table consists of several columns with timeframes. For each timeframe and asset, the direction where it is worth moving at the moment is indicated - actively selling or buying.
  2. Technical analysis: a detailed table showing pivot points for various systems, forecasts derived from indicators, moving averages, and so on.
  3. Pivot Points (Pivot Points): Traders who prefer to trade with support levels can use this source. Here are the points at which a price reversal and a change in trend are expected.
  4. moving averages: an effective tool for determining the trend and its strength. It is not necessary to superimpose it on the chart to find out this information. It is enough to go to, where everything is already in one table.
  5. Technical indicators: Also, traders do not have to use Stochastic, RSI, MACD, ADX and other tools to get information about the points to enter a trade. You can go to Investing and immediately get ready-made tips.
  6. Graphic models: you do not need to draw patterns on the chart yourself, giving hints for entering a trade. The experts of this resource have already done everything and brought all the data into a table. But first, it is important to study what model, what it means, and how to enter a trade using it.

Traders trading High/Low options do not need to use all of these tables. To obtain a forecast, a technical review will suffice. It is worth using them for this financial instrument in the following way:

  • "Actively buy" - a deal to buy the "Up" option;
  • "Actively sell" - a deal to buy the option "Down".

There is a timeframe in the column, which must correspond to a similar time period set on the chart.

For a certain timeframe, it is better to choose the following option expiration dates:

  • 5 minutes - 30-45 minutes;
  • 15 minutes - 1-2 hours;
  • 1 hour until the end of the day.

The accuracy of trading on such signals is ~60%

Signals from most traders

Very easy to use signals, online you can see the ratio of Buyers (bulls) and Sellers (bears). Just select a trading pair from the list where there is a pronounced dominant side. The main thing is that there should be a significant advantage starting from 80% (in one direction or another).

The same informer can be viewed directly on broker trading platform chart. This is convenient, you can visually peep and open deals in the direction of a moving trend.

Important! Remember, when the overweight reaches its peak and becomes more than 90%, then the price may turn around soon, as the market always goes against the majority!

If you get into an uptrend, then it can carry you for a long time and profitability can reach up to ~90% using such trading tactics! The main thing is to have time to get out when the advantage reaches more than 90%!

Here's what happens when all market players start moving in the same direction:

The price reverses and goes AGAINST the majority! Therefore, here you can use the second tactic: open contracts against the majority.

When the advantage starts to exceed 90%, you can start buying contracts in the opposite direction. An example in the screenshot, 90% traders trade up, and you start buying the other way around - PUT options!

The profitability of this tactic usually exceeds ~90%!

News alerts

If you trade currency pairs and commodities, you will be interested in the so-called economic calendars, which contain various events, forecasts and current values of macroeconomic indicators.

At the end of this calendar there are hints about the importance of the event. There are also three columns of data - past value, expected and current.

If the current value exceeded the expectations of the previous value, this indicates a rapid growth or fall, and the market will react accordingly. Here real example How did you manage to earn about 1400$ in 1 trading day!

A real example of calendar trading

At 4:50 p.m., an alarm sounded on my phone, reminding me that the US data was due at 5:00 p.m.

We open the page with the calendar and prepare everything. We select the GBP/USD pair, the transaction period is at 17:10, enter the amount. All this in order to have time to buy a contract on time.

As you can see, the past values were 119.4, a small increase to 119.8 was expected. But new data diverged from forecasts and showed the index falling to 117.9 - this is a very sure sign for the dollar to fall.

Since the dollar is in second place in the GBP/USD quote, then we will buy an option with a forecast for the growth of the pound on the fall of the dollar:

10 minutes passed and the deal closed:

Thanks to the released data, we were able to determine in advance that the rate would go up and earned 70% profit in just 10 minutes:

At the same time, it was not necessary to spend the whole day at the computer, it was enough to come at the scheduled time according to the macroeconomic calendar!

  • It is not recommended to invest for periods less than 5 minutes (it is better to take 10), since in the first minutes there is always high volatility and unjustified jumps on the market, but after a while everything normalizes, and the price follows new indicators.

The accuracy of such signals is already an order of magnitude higher and fluctuates within ~ 80%

Benefits of news trading

If you are going to choose macroeconomic statistics or company news as your binary options trading signals, you will get the following benefits:

  • The ability to open a deal at any time, both before and after the publication of statistics. This is a very important point, as binary options brokers do not interfere with news trading. Those who have some experience in Forex know that many brokers in this segment do not allow traders to enter the market at a convenient price;
  • No spreads. Spread growth (the difference between the quotation of demand and offer) is one of the features of the work of Forex brokers during the publication of news. Naturally, at such moments it is extremely inconvenient to open a deal, since the price offered by the broker may differ significantly from the market one. Accordingly, the profit may be insignificant. In binary options, there is no concept of a spread and the profit is fixed;
  • No slippage. Forex brokers have another "weapon" against news traders. It's about slippage. They are expressed in the fact that the trader tries to open a deal at one price, but for some time he cannot do it. As a result of such slippage, the opening price of the transaction will be completely different. There are no such phenomena in binary options.

Signals on the broker's online platform

At the moment, the most popular, since the accuracy of such signals is about 90%! This is just crazy data that we managed to get in just 1 week of active trading.

    • Signals come with expiration: for 60 seconds (1 minute), 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes (1 hour).
    • The signal platform operates from Monday to Friday, from 900 to 2200 Moscow time.
    • You just need to keep the online platform page open when you want to trade.
    • The platform is updated automatically, you do not need to constantly reload the page itself.


When to enter a trade on a signal?

You need to buy an option as soon as it is published, you have a maximum of 15-20 seconds to buy an option, the sooner you enter the deal, the more likely it is that your option will close with a profit.

If you don’t have time, it’s better not to open a deal, but wait for the next signal!

For example, the situation with USD/CHF signals — on the first candle, the signal turned out to be negative and the yellow circle immediately lit up, which means that you need to open an identical deal on the next candle:

Loss on the signal on the first candle

And here is the result:

Profit on the signal on the second candle

The signal worked out on the second candle and it is clearly visible on the chart in MT4, everything matches:

Signal processing for USD/CHF

Why martingale only up to the 4th candle?

As practice shows, it almost never reaches the fourth candle (with the exception of the release of strong news, but at this time it’s better not to trade), usually the signals are processed on the second and very rarely on the 3rd candle, and of course, the first one is often processed .

Also below, under the active signals, you can see the statistics of the last processed signals, you can clearly see which signals worked out on which candle:

Statistics on signals for binary options

Under the statistics, the definition of colors is displayed, which means:

Definition of signals on the platform

The only thing to consider is not to trade during the release of important news, for example, such as: Non-farm Payrolls, otherwise all four candles may close with a minus.

What is the profitability statistics of trading by signals?

If there is no news, then usually the statistics look like this:

Statistics on signals

Profit comes immediately from the first candle, but you must not forget to always keep the economic calendar open before trading in order to follow important events.

And here are a few screenshots of traders who trade on signals this platform:

Signal trading statistics
Options trading statistics
Trading report by signals

Connect signals now!

So, the profit on such signals (as you probably saw) reaches 95%!

How to access signals?

Attention! In general, signals are provided to traders with deposits from 1000$, but only for visitors to this site there is a limited promotion!

Open an account with special link and get access to a unique signaling platform with only a minimum deposit of 250$!

PS. …That's not all! In general, signals according to the conditions of the broker when replenishing the minimum deposit are provided only for 1 month (for testing), and on a permanent basis they are issued only with deposits from 5000$, but you have a unique opportunity to receive unlimited access to signals by depositing at least 1000$!

Just tell your manager that you came from a partner site and want to receive signals on a permanent basis with a deposit of 1000$!

Connection usually takes place on the same day.



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