New highly accurate pullback strategy: 90% successful trades!

New highly accurate pullback strategy: 90% successful trades!
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New highly accurate pullback strategy: 90% successful trades! Have you been looking for the exact strategy for binary options for a long time? You found her!

The binary options strategy consists of a set of indicators and a template that are installed in the MT4 program.

Who does not know how templates and indicators are installed in MT4, read this instruction: How to install correctly: advisor, script, indicator, template and profile in MT4.

This highly accurate strategy gives clear signals for a price rollback according to indicators, which is what we need to buy an option!

Appearance of a strategy consisting of three windows

High-precision strategy - 90% successful trades!

The system was specifically designed not for the number of inputs, but primarily for their high accuracy.

The strategy gives very few signals, but they are very accurate. Of course, if you want all 100% successful trades and a lot of entry signals, then you need this one: most profitable trading system.

A highly accurate strategy works on any timeframe, just set it in MT4 and wait for a signal to buy an option.

Strategy signals

Buy signal example (CALL option):

Option buy signal

We buy an option CALL according to the following principle:

Bottom window: indicator poked down;

Middle window: All indicators also bunched up and poked down;

As soon as the current candle ends and if all the indicators of the lower windows remained in the current lower position, did not rebuild and stumbled down, on the next candle we buy an up option with an expiration of 1 candle!

That is, for example: you have a 15-minute chart open, which means that the expiration should be 15 minutes.

Sell signal (PUT option):

Option sell signal

With a sell signal PUT everything is the same:

We wait until all the indicators are collected and poke up, on the next candle we buy a down option with an expiration of 1 candle.

Attention! You should buy an option only if ALL indicators have gathered in a bunch and stuck in the bottom two windows, if at least one of them does not follow the rules, the entry is canceled!

We also make sure that the signal matches on the lower TMs, the ideal entry will be if the signal is confirmed on all TMs or at least on two or three.

For example, we trade for 1 hour, a signal appears - we look at 30 minutes, 15 minutes. and 5 minutes, if the signal is confirmed at all, then we enter!

BUT! Even if the signal is confirmed only for 30 minutes, the signal will still be stronger than it would have been just for 1 hour.

If the signal appears only on one TM, then there is a high probability that the chart will be rebuilt and a false signal will be obtained, therefore, the more TM matches, the stronger the signal.

Trading recommendations

Working timeframe: any;

Expiration: 1 candle;

Trading pairs: the strategy perfectly shows signals on any currency pair and gold, but I do not recommend trading on pairs with AUD and CAD, it has not been tested on stocks;

Time to trade: any, except for the release of important news;

Binary Brokers: The only site that meets all the new requirements now only THIS ONE! Use the rest - at your own peril and risk!

The strategy is very simple, does not contain any complicated entry rules and is perfect for a novice trader to get a taste of profit!

Download template + indicators

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