How to start a beginner to make money on Binary Options?

How to start a beginner to make money on Binary Options?
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Now you will learn how you can start on binary options without having a large amount. After all, you don't have to have thousands of dollars to make money. enough to start and 250$!

The main thing you need to remember is that if you are going here just to "play" - better go to the casino! If you're serious about it, then read on!

What is the essence of Binary Options?

It is not uncommon for binary options to be confused with a casino, but this is not a correct judgment. In a casino, you really should rely only on your luck and intuition, whether you can guess or not.

In binary options, we have the advantage that we do not guess, but trade with high probability based on the regular behavior of the price. See real example how it works!

binary option is a forecast of further movement of the price of an exchange asset in one of two directions up (CALL) or down (PUT). Which works on the principle of "All or Nothing".

In another way, BO can be called the trader's rates on underlying assets. These include commodities, currencies and securities.

Why is it better for a beginner to start with Binary Options, and not with Forex?

  • Binary options are easier to work with in terms of opening trades. No need to master complex trading terminals for a long time (the whole process takes place on the online platform);
  • All transactions that you open do not disappear when you close the browser, but are executed exactly at the specified time;
  • BO is a fixed income and loss instrument;
  • In just a few minutes you can earn up to 90% with minimal effort;
  • In case of an erroneous forecast, you will not lose more than you invested in one trade.

What is the minimum deposit required?

If you have a small starting capital, it is recommended take starter bonus for 100% to your deposit (sometimes there are promotions for 200% bonus, but that's if you're lucky).

For example, you have only 250$ + 100% bonus and you already have 500$ in your account!

Many are afraid that wager the bonus, you need to make a decent turn. BUT! In reality, as a rule, those who trade, trade many times more! You will turn it around 3 times!

Therefore, a bonus is a useful gift from a broker, which is worth taking and not being afraid, but just trading. But with a larger deposit, you can already invest in transactions 2 times more, and so your earnings can also be many times more!

The main rules in trading on BO!

The main thing is to know clear and really working strategies. Now you will learn a set of rules, following which you can really succeed in this direction of trading.

Benefits of trading binary options

  • Simple entry rules (selected an asset, entered the size of the investment, chose the direction and time - clicked!);
  • Less technical knowledge required (there are only 2 UP/DOWN buttons in the trading platform);
  • Lightweight built-in trading platform (adaptive platform, you can even work from a smartphone);
  • Minimum investment starts from 5$ (minimum deposit 250$/minimum bet 5$ +100% bonus, which means you will have 100 trades available! Probably only a fool can lose);
  • Extensive Timing expiration (the duration of the transaction can be selected from 30.60 skunds to 5,15,30 minutes, etc. for 1,2,3 hours and even days and weeks!);
  • Different types of binary options. (types of fixed contracts);
  • A large number of strategies (indicator, non-indicator, simple and light - for any mindset);
  • No need to accompany the transaction (setting Stop Loss, Take Profit, transfer to breakeven, etc. In a word: opened and forgot).

How to make money as a beginner?

The whole secret in binary options is that even a beginner can trade from scratch, since the trading technique does not imply any complex algorithms.

And according to some specialists - you can even make money on binary options no risk!

There are many different strategies, we will analyze the main popular ones:

news trading. You open the economic calendar and track important news coming out. As soon as the news comes out, you need to buy a contract UP (if the news is positive) or DOWN (if the news is negative). There is good example.

The method is good and in a matter of minutes is able to increase your deposit by at least + 30%

Trading by levels. It works very well, since the price has the ability to “repeat history” and when approaching a certain level, the price most likely does not break through it the first time, but makes a rebound. At such moments, you can take the contract in the opposite direction. The expiration time depends on the selected timeframe.

Based on candlestick patterns. Good trading tactic, but requires more concentration, though... it's up to you. It is necessary to learn candlestick analysis and identify some candlestick combinations on the chart in real trading mode, in which the price behaves in the same way.

By indicators. A very popular type of trading, but at the same time very difficult. Indicator trading requires the greatest concentration and care.

Signal trading. Aerobatics! If it’s hard for you to master even the “basics” of technical analysis, then you can take on the work of professional analysts who will supply you with trading recommendations.

In this case, you can even trade from your smartphone! After all, it’s quite difficult to do some kind of analysis on the phone, but buying contracts using ready-made signals is a piece of cake!


For beginners, it is better to start with easier trading tactics, such as: trading from levels and finding candlestick patterns. If you have a good reaction, you can do news trading, it brings good results in a very short time. If you are not satisfied with either one or the other, just use signals.

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