Basic Binary Options Trading Methods

Binary options trading methods
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Consider the most basic binary options trading methods. After all, this is probably the most convenient way to earn money now. in the Internet. Turn on!

Binary options are the fastest and easiest way to make money in the financial market. You can easily double your money just by guessing whether the price will go up or down.

  • This does not require special training, because the profit is calculated automatically, and you can manage trading with just two buttons up and down!
  • You know in advance how much you will earn, you control your income and you can always hedge a trade by determining the amount that the broker will pay out if the market goes against you.
  • It is up to you to choose the duration of the transaction - from 60 seconds or even 30! up to several hours. You can trade currency pairs, indices, stocks and commodities.
  • You can trade 24 hours a day all week except weekends. This is convenient - binary options trading can easily be integrated into your schedule.

Most Popular Methods

Now, during the crisis, the number of people using this type of trade in the markets is increasing every day.

Beginners should listen to professional traders and expert opinion and trade, of course, using only best strategies.

Binary options have become very popular these days. Now it has become much easier and more convenient to make money on them using even the simplest popular methods.

Trend trading

A fairly simple method with a few main rules. This method does not use indicators. Here everything is based on the chart, you need to look where the general price movement is directed.

If the price rises for a long time, then the market for this asset is now in an uptrend and it is worth buying CALL options from rollbacks. It is more likely that your trades will bring profit. in decline or be sideways.

The same goes for a downtrend. If you open a chart with a pair and see that the price has been falling for a long time, then you need to sell now, that is, buy PUT options - DOWN!

If the trend is lateral, the price stays in the lateral channel for a long time, you can also trade in it, but only within this channel! Buy CALL options when the price approaches the lower border of the channel and buy PUT options if the price approaches the upper border.

martingale method

At the moment martingale technique one of the most common tactics for overclocking deposits. After each possible loss, you increase the amount of the contract, thereby seriously increasing the potential income.

But it should be used if you have at least 1000$ available. With a minimum account, it is difficult to disperse the deposit or you can use bonus fundsthat the broker provides to each new trader.

News trading

The price of global assets is under pressure from buyers and sellers who watch the economic news coming out every day. If the news is negative, then speculators rush to sell the asset, if the news is positive, they buy.

You can make good money on this if you track strong news in the event calendar.

With positive news, you need to look at the actual data that has come out and compare it with the past. If they are more, it means that this has a positive effect on the price and most likely it will grow, if less, it will fall.

A detailed example of news trading is written in this article.

Trading by indicators

Consider an example of binary options trading and how signals are determined by this strategy.

For example, we see that a signal has appeared on the 30-minute chart:

All conditions match:

  • The price approached resistance;
  • Corrective indicators in the first basement rested up;
  • Indicators showing the main direction lag behind the corrective ones;
  • The indicators in the second basement also rested at the very top.

All this can only indicate an imminent price drop, which we should take advantage of, namely: go to the trading platform and buy a downside option!

What we do:

Buying a down option (PUT option):

In this case, a PUT option was bought for 1 hour, that is: for two 30-minute candles.

The price fluctuated at the resistance for some time and fell:

Further, if we switch to the lower minute chart, we will see that the price will not go higher, as the indicators again met resistance:

And we are just already seeing how the deposit will soon be replenished with another 350$:

So, just one trade on binary options can easily recoup all the routine work that traders do daily, for example forex.

Trading on binary options is much easier and easier, because it is enough to have effective trading tactics at hand and everything will certainly work out!

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