Super selection of volume indicators for MT4

Super selection of volume indicators for MT4
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In this review, we tried to collect all currently available indicators for the MT4 program, which show the market volumes of injections.

The indicators are completely different, for different strategies, since the principle of their work is different. Some show only a profile - the accumulation is greater than the number of transactions on the chart, others the traded volume per candle, the third tick, etc.

One thing can be said that if you decide to trade by volume, then this is a very complex topic and it is practically incompatible with other strategies, if you combine the analysis of volumes with others, for example, with a wave, you can only get confused.

Also, do not forget that no one knows for sure whether they show a real volume or a fictitious one.

So let's go! We post not only free indicators, but we will also review some paid indicators, and there it is already at your discretion.

Standard MetaTrader Indicators

These indicators are included in the standard delivery of MT4, you can find it by switching to the program menu: View - Navigator - Volume indicators.


Accumulation/Distribution indicator

Judging by the chart with standard settings, it cannot be called lagging, it shows in advance where the price can turn around and, judging by the chart, it does it well.

Money Flow Index

Money Flow Index

An interesting indicator, if you look at its work, it looks like it shows bursts of volumes and with their decrease, which we see later with the price, which falls after the rise. Useful indicator, useful for additional analysis.

On Balance Volume

On Balance Volume indicator

Nothing special, it looks like it shows a possible divergence quite well, if you are a supporter of this theory and you like to put it into practice, you can try this indicator. The settings are also simple: closing method and minimum with maximum.


Volume indicator

The legendary indicator, which is also available by default in all MT4 and MT5 programs. With the help of such an indicator, volumes are calculated using only candlestick or bar analysis. A very useful indicator if you're dragging through VSA methods. It also shows the current volume.

Well, a little “backfilling”, so that it would not be too boring)) How is the volume method applied in trading?

It’s very simple: we compare the volume with the previous candle or just with the next price surge, if the current volume is lower, then the move potential expires and a reversal is approaching, if the volume increases, then there is still strength and the trend may continue.

But this is in brief, in more detail we will possibly cover the topics of this site in another.

Custom free indicators

You can download free volume indicators just below as a set after the review.

Better Volume 1.4

Better Volume 1.4 indicator

The Better Volume indicator already shows a more in-depth picture compared to the simple Volumes indicator, when compared to this, here it is blue bars. But besides this, red ones are also displayed here.

Red column on the volume chart it is usually distinguished by its height. The appearance of such a column usually means a strong predominance of buyers in the market. This situation usually happens when buyers enter the market abruptly. The red bar may be followed by a trend reversal from bearish to bullish or a deep bullish correction.

Why is the red color marking the exit of buyers? See the pin down? Perhaps this is just not a seller, but a buyer who bought and is now buying more, as a correction has begun.

blue bars the histogram of the Better Volume indicator has the most. Blue bars mean that nothing significant has happened on the market and trading volumes correspond to the standard values for their time period (they are comparable to the usual Volumes indicator). Trading is calm and without tendencies for a global trend change.

The appearance of the yellow column means that the volume of trading in the market is very small. Such a column always has a very small height. A decrease in volumes usually occurs at a time when the current trend is coming to an end. A yellow bar can also mean the end of a correction in the market.

green bar means the presence of large volumes in the market. In this case, the size of the candle corresponding to the green column is usually small. This situation is typical when large hedge funds close their positions or open new ones.

The appearance of a green bar on the volume indicator also indicates a possible trend change. However, this does not mean that the price will immediately reverse sharply. A price reversal may occur later due to the effect of market inertia.

white column performs the same functions as red. The only difference is that its appearance means a sharp activation of sellers in the market. The white bar may be followed by a downward market reversal after an uptrend or a deep bearish correction.

The chart of the Better Volume indicator also includes a moving average, the main purpose of which is to separate the volume bars by height.

The color of the histogram can be changed by itself, there are not so many settings either, you can leave everything by default.

Advice: in order not to get confused in these "columns" - look at the whole picture (this is if you trade in waves), but if you trade using candlestick patterns, then you need to take into account literally every column, but this is the most difficult.

Volumes Emphasized v1.01

Indicator Volumes Emphasized v1.01

A fairly specific indicator, it can be used to determine the end of the movement even before it begins. The largest volumes are marked in green. You can leave the settings as default.

VSA v2

VSA indicator v2

The VSA indicator is more suitable for professionals, as it allows for more accurate analysis. For example, here you can accurately see, compare and compare the value of the bar compared to the previous one and the price reaction to a given volume, taking into account the spread.


Aliev-FX-Volumes indicator

The Aliev indicator, in addition to standard volumes in the lower basement, shows the number of traded ticks above each candle. With such data, you can build a good trading strategy.

High Volume Bar

HighVolumeBar indicator

The HighVolumeBar indicator contains 2 types of analysis at once, which it performs in real trading mode. The indicator displays the Head and Shoulders reversal pattern + displays a histogram of the accumulated volume. The second type refers to cluster analysis.

The peculiarity of this indicator is that it does not change its indicators from changes in the timeframe. On any timeframe, it will show one picture. Also, under the histogram, percentages of the amount of volume are displayed.

Suitable for working on a 15-minute chart (M15), since the histogram is best seen on a smaller time frame.

If we consider different pairs, we will see that HighVolumeBar does not just display some volumes in a separate time period or in general - just for the last time. HighVolumeBar shows whether there is any volume at all at the moment and whether it was in the near future, if you unscrew a little history.

Different volumes of the HighVolumeBar indicator

As you can see, on some pairs the indicator draws many different histograms, and not some very few.

Another example of using the indicator in trading:

An example of using the High Volume Bar indicator

VPFx Range

Volume indicator

The volume indicator shows online on the chart of any pair the largest accumulation of orders. As a rule, the price consolidates in these places and enables the trader, possibly using additional filters, to decide on opening a position.


Money volume indicator

Another indicator of monetary volumes shows the places where open or pending orders are concentrated.

Indicator files

To download a selection of indicators for the MT4 terminal in one archive, share your comment on this article! Immediately after that, a link to download the archive will appear here.


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