TOP profitable binary options trading strategies!

TOP profitable binary options trading strategies!
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Looking for a completely complete list of TOP new working and profitable binary options trading strategies? Then you've come to the right place!

So, let's go in order. If you are a beginner, then you need to understand at the beginning that all strategies for BO are divided into different types.

Types of Binary Options Strategies

In general, all strategies can be divided into 2 types, namely:

  • By the simplicity of trading rules;
  • According to the signal generation method.

Many people often look for simple strategies, but it is impossible to give an exact definition here, because for some one strategy will turn out to be super easy, and for another it will be very difficult. It all depends on you, whether you can figure it out and trade or look for another one.

If you do not yet know what type of trading suits you best, then you need to first decide on choice, and only then apply the strategy in practice in order to don't loseand disperse the deposit!

Strategies by the type of signal display on the chart:

  • Japanese candlestick strategies;
  • Bar chart strategies;
  • volume strategies;
  • Indicator Strategies;
  • Strategies by levels;
  • Signal strategies.

Most strategies, of course, involve the use of various indicators that can be installed, for example, in a trading terminal (MT4 or MT5).

Non-indicator strategies are also popular, which include building trend support and resistance levels, as well as using candle and bar combinations (in the form of patterns).

Ideal Strategies - Myth or Reality?

Any novice trader seeks, as he masters trading, to come to some kind of ideal in the perfection of trading skills. Of course, he uses only really working strategies that he is sure of.

The most effective to date are secret strategies that generate signals with high accuracy. If this concerns indicator ones, then it is important that they work without redrawing.

The most profitable strategies are actually risk-free trading at a high level, even if you are a beginner!

What are the most TOP strategies?

Some of the best strategies are of course considered with simple trading rules, and if the TS implies indicators, then they should not redraw or lag (this is the main requirement). In principle, there are similar requirements for non-indicator strategies, where trading rules should be extremely clear and without any contradictions.

Simple Strategies

Let's start with simple strategies that are the most popular among beginners, where the tactics of the game do not imply any complicated rules, which is perfect for a novice trader.

So try to start with takeovers and channel strategies, and also helps to determine the rebound on price reaction from the level.

To trade on BO, use only liquid trading pairs - this can be seen from the chart, if the price is standing still or “hissing” a lot (the shadows of the candles are too large), it is better not to trade such assets, but choose a cleaner “beautiful” chart.

See: How to choose a trading pair »

We also recommend reliable platform for trading on BO.

Strategies with an accuracy of 90 or more

Approximately 85% of profit is obtained when trading on the news, then in terms of accuracy, these indicator strategies can be distinguished:

Rebound trading; Simple Options;
Profitable; Pullback strategy;
By Pivot Points; Ultra-precise correction indicator;
Stochastic+CCI; Genesis Matrix;
Profit Master; Strategy for 5 minutes;
Red Green Candle; Strategy for 30 minutes;
Binary Channel 2; Rebound strategy;
Strategy "Fishing"; Strategy for two stochastics;
Strategy "Mathematician"; Strategy for 1 hour;
Trend reversal strategy; Absorption strategy;
NewScience (by moving averages); Channel Line (on channels without indicators);
Strategy for price reaction to levels; MTF Trix Trading System (rare but accurate signals).

Win-win strategy

Probably many already guess that the best strategy that generally exists for binary options produces 10 out of 10 trades - which make a profit. If you don't want to go the hard way and get the experience yourself (which takes years), then you should definitely use super profitable strategy.

Each of us wants to have such a trading strategy, but why want when you can just take it and get it right now? The strategy comes with detailed instructions in video and pdf formats. Probably only a fool will not be able to figure it out :) This is really the most profitable strategy for a beginner!

Determining the expiration time

We also advise you to immediately pay attention to the variety of strategies for the time of expiration. Most, of course, can be traded at any time, but some of the author's methods are designed exclusively for a certain period of contracting.

Here is a summary table of option types:

Type of options Expiration time Trade types
Short term For 1 minute (60 seconds) TURBO options. Only high-precision strategies (the best reaction to a breakdown).
For 5 minutes
For 15 minutes
medium-term For 30 minutes Universal time, suitable for most indicator strategies.
For 1 hour (H1)
For 4 hours (H4) Candlestick patterns and chart patterns work better.
Long term For 1 day (D1)
For 1 week
For 1 month
  • In the short term, you can get a quick profit, there are options even for 30 seconds! A popular time of course is from 1 to 5 minutes. Here list of the best strategies for 60 seconds.
  • With such expiration, it is best to use rebound or breakout strategies so that the price has time to move as far as possible from the purchase price during this time.
  • With an expiration of 5 to 15 minutes, you can use news trading or any other indicator strategy, for example, it trades well with a trend or in channels.
  • Next come medium-term and long-term, they work well with candlestick and bar analysis. The candlestick is lighter, but the bar one is no less effective, although only professional traders like to use it.
  • With expiration from H4 to D1, you can use the candlestick chart and trade candlestick patterns. If you switch to a lower timeframe, you can trade from levels and work out different graphic patterns.

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