How to overclock a deposit from 100$ to 5000$? A unique Expert Advisor for overclocking a small deposit!

How to overclock a deposit from 100$ to 5000$? A unique Expert Advisor for overclocking a small deposit!
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How to overclock a deposit from 100$ or even 50$ to 5000$? A unique Expert Advisor for overclocking a small Forex deposit!

Are you interested in forex deposit acceleration? Do you have some money, but you want to quickly increase, disperse the deposit with the most minimal risks?

A trading robot-adviser that determines strong levels is what you need!

The robot assistant indicates on the chart the place of concentration of large cash capital, thereby making it possible to open transactions in the direction of the movement of the main players, namely - market makers!

Market makers are, in fact, one of the main market players. After all, the meaning of trading without knowing the rules of the main players is practically reduced to zero ...

Risk-free deposit overclocking with the help of an adviser is a win-win trading strategy based on strong levels from which the price bounces, so that the risks are reduced to almost zero and you can overclock the deposit even in a week or a couple of days!

It all depends on how hard you trade. Someone prefers to trade for a couple of hours a day, while someone sits all day, but earns more.

What is the secret of overclocking a small Forex deposit using this unique Expert Advisor?

The robot highlights important strong price levels on the chart, these are the levels at which large players and market makers sit, because it is they who move the price, not counting, of course, the banks themselves.

All that remains for us is to follow these movements, where there are huge turnovers of funds. Just enter a trade on reversals or corrections.

Is this the GRAIL?

In fact, this is the grail! But, since the adviser is not a fully automated system, you need to open deals and make decisions yourself.

Attention! Not so long ago, a version of this Expert Advisor with AUTO-TRADING was finally released! Read more here »

And here is an example of the work of this adviser in the MT4 terminal:

An example of the adviser in the MT4 terminal from alpari

Here are some examples of trades of newbie traders who have tried this system:

Examples of trades for beginner traders
Trade examples
Earnings in the MT4 terminal
Working in the MT4 terminal
Alpari MT4 terminal

Tired catch stop loss and sit at a loss?

The deposit is melting before your eyes?

Forget about guessing “where the price will go”!

Forget about the feverish sitting around the clock at the monitor on the forums!

And now…

Let's imagine, for example, that you again entered a trade according to the old rules, based only on some specific strategy - without actually knowing what is really happening with the market at the moment and what to expect from large players.

And so, you did everything according to the strategy, the situation seems to be ideal. You on 100% are sure that the price will go in your direction, but no matter how. Everything begins to happen as usual - in the exact opposite way!

And even if it suddenly began to happen that the price began to go in the direction of an open transaction, it goes through in stages: 8, 15, 30 points. It seems that now the deal will be closed by take profit, but... the opposite effect occurs.

The price goes some distance towards the open position, turns sharply and goes in the opposite direction, and we again count losses instead of possible profit.

The situation naturally looks illogical and absurd, how come? We did everything according to the rules and the price should have gone in our direction, but it seems that the market, as if evil, is doing the opposite.

Then there are all kinds of grievances: the broker interferes with making money and pushes spokes into the wheels, and in general today is not my day!

By the way, now this broker provides an opportunity to earn money by trading on such a strategy and here you are not trying to deceive the broker, but using the right approach - just follow the market, taking your piece of the total profit, thus the broker remains and the trader earns!

Here is an example of opening trades in gold »

Well, now, it's time to open your eyes and look at the situation from the outside, see it the way everything really happens. This is not a joke or a prank.

It's just that a group of expert analysts and professional traders has created a special algorithm that can be used to calculate where a large cluster of transactions of large players and market makers are located.

After all, it is they who set the market in motion, investing in transactions simply huge amounts of money that are not available to us ordinary speculators traders.

See how in real trading mode in just a few minutes deposit increased by 350$

All this with the help of an assistant: a robot advisor!

Are you ready to show who is in charge here and take your money from FOREX?


- Focus on results
— Proven effectiveness
- Experience is not important!

No tricks of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as complex indicators.

Another example of transactions using a robot advisor

All that remains for us is just to follow the general movement, to follow the market.

But how? After all, I don’t understand anything, I don’t know how to analyze the market, and I don’t understand at all - how can I make money on Forex?

And here everything is simple, a special robot advisor, which must be transferred to the chart of the traded pair and run. It starts showing highlighting strong support and resistance levels.

Large capitals are invested at these levels, and when the price reaches them, it makes a reversal - the task is to open deals when the price approaches the levels and take profit.

Here is an example of 4 live trades and earnings + 1000$ to the deposit!

Take off your rose-colored glasses and stop hoping that luck will smile at you, the market will descend and finally go in your direction. This will not and cannot be!

The market is not a lottery or a golden fortune of luck, it requires a clear step-by-step plan, algorithm or strategy.

A trading plan is about following the market, not playing roulette. Open trades in the direction of trades of large players and take profits, rather than catching stop losses.

Decide for yourself: either you choose to suffer every day and watch your losses grow, or you choose to take the right trades and count your profits!

After all, using such a robot, you can already trade profitably, not only by trading using manual strategies. So you can significantly increase your initial start-up capital by investing only a minimum amount of money!

Still have questions about the advisor? See ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS!

PS Now all professional traders use semi-automatic assistants and do not make mistakes in trading!

Be among the elite and go after the big players, and don't lose money with the crowd!

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