+1105$ in 15 minutes on binary options!

How just 2 binary options trades brought me $1105 and in just 15 minutes!
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1105$ in 15 minutes on binary options! Report in screenshots on super-profitable strategy!

A small report to illustrate the work super-profitable break-even strategy for November 4, 2015.

Only THREE trades on USD/JPY and Gold! 15 minutes = 1105$ and free! Deals were made on three pairs before the release of important economic news.

First trade on USD/JPY

It turned out to be a clean entrance, a perfect deal, right on target! Just before the release of important economic news:

The three heads of the bull also indicate that the news is the most important. The indicator turned green, which means that the news came out positive. This strategy as usual showed the correct input!

(to enlarge click on the picture)

24option usd/jpy deal

In the lower windows, all the lines have gathered from below, this indicates that a movement in the opposite direction is expected + the release of positive news has played in favor!

We go up, work on M1 and set the expiration for 5 minutes, this is enough, because after the news, the price can still come back later, but this did not happen. The price waved up.

Many people ask, what if: the news would come out negative? Would the price still go up?

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Here, the whole point is that it simply could not come out negative, the strategy chart shows that the price BELOW simply has nowhere to go, and since the indicators do not rebuild, that is, they will not be updated with the start of a new candle, the conclusion is: the price is going up, and the news is therefore positive!

Bottom line: the deal at 24option closed positively. Net profit amounted to: 375$!

(click on image to enlarge)
usd-jpy 24option
375$ in 5 minutes at 24option

2 gold trades

I opened a couple of trades for gold as a safety net and see what happened:

Gold deal

In the middle window, the lines formed sharp corners and rested upwards, which indicates an imminent reversal. The first poke - all the lines rested, the second - not completely, and at the very bottom, the fast stochastic has already run down - this indicates that the price has already run out of steam to go higher.

In the middle window, the lines have merged into one - this indicates a strong movement, besides, the price has moved far away from the marginal MA (and it always tends to return), both stochastics are already looking down, so we enter along this movement!

Here's what happened:

(click on screen to enlarge)
730$ at 24option in 15 minutes!

Total: 2 gold trades at 365$ = 730$ in just 15 minutes! Not bad?

+375$ for the USD/JPY pair, total = 1105$ and in just 15 minutes!

Do you also want to make good money by opening just a couple of deals?

The strategy works:

- on any timeframe.
- on any pair.
- Anytime.
— with any market behavior (news, gap, etc.)
- for any person (be it a trader or a beginner)
— on any MT4 terminal.
- any broker.

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PS I repeat! To start trading like this, it is not necessary to immediately invest 500$ in each transaction, this can be allowed when the deposit will already allow you to invest large sums in the option.

At first, it is enough to use the minimum deposit with this broker in 200$.

Good luck!

Attention! 24option has stopped trading binary options, it is recommended to move to a more reliable trading platform FinMax!

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