+5425$ for 10 binary options trades at 24option

How 10 Binary Options Trades Made Me $5425 - Personal Report
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+5425$ for 10 trades on binary options at 24option according to news from Germany (4.01.2016) The new year starts well and there are already first trades. Although the market is not strong enough on New Year's holidays, but the news coming out allows you to earn on binary options despite the weekend.

January 4, 2016 and on the economic calendar there is a reason to think about opening several transactions, as the release of important news is approaching: the PMI in the manufacturing sector in Germany - the importance of the news is three bulls!

News from Germany

And of course, for trading in the euro, we choose the traded pair EUR/USD (euro dollar) on the 24option platform!

A total of 10 trades were opened with a total profit of 5425$. 5 trades with an investment in 500$ and another 5 topping up on the move, I decided to invest in an option for 1000$, since strategy showed that the movement will continue, which means you need to use this opportunity while the market gives such an opportunity.

At the time of news release, it is important to confirm the signal by strategies and make sure that it is possible to open a deal in accordance with the published data, since the market does not always behave properly.

The actual value is green, which means you should open an up trade, with the probability that the price will go up for some time after the news release.

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In binary options, the most important thing is the correct determination of the expiration time (the lifetime of the option). We look in the terminal, what shows this strategy:

Break even strategy for binary options

In the main window, the price was going up, which emphasizes the presence of an uptrend (albeit a short-term one) and as soon as the price approached the yellow moving average, all the lines sagged down in the middle window.

Further, the dotted white line of the indicator touched the bottom, in the lower window the fast stochastic also went into the lower zone - this means that the price will move up, which is confirmed by the released news data!

It was decided to open several deals at once, in this case it was limited to five deals:

Platform 24option

What is the result all 5 trades went into profit, but that's not all.

By strategies it is clearly seen that there will still be an upward movement, albeit a short-term one, but why not top up along this movement?

Super profitable strategy for binary options

The price again dropped to the yellow MA, and on average, the lower indicators hit the oversold zone, which means there will be an upward movement, but a short one, and this is quite enough to buy an option with a period of 5 minutes!

Why will the movement be short? Because in the middle window, only black and blue indicators ran down, which show a rollback, red and yellow indicators linger at the top, which show the main movement, which means there will be a rollback.

Why such confidence in this strategy? Yes, because all the indicators showing the signal in aggregate are not rebuilt and do not lag!

In general, I decided to enter another trade with an already increased investment in the option and immediately opened (just in case) 5 more options and this is what happened:

Binary Options Platform

Total profit on all ten transactions amounted to 5425$

A good increase to the deposit in honor of the New Year holidays!

Good luck in the coming new year and more profit!

Attention! 24option has stopped trading binary options, it is recommended to move to a more reliable trading platform FinMax!

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