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Binary options trading report: how I made money on one UK news 5840$ at 24option!

The news was strong + testimony was taken into account break even strategy and there was also a solid rebuy on pullbacks, which is why we got such a big profit.

The news on the pound came out with a negative reading, which indicates a possible fall in prices.

UK news

Although not much late with the opening of transactions, but this is what exists break even strategy, by which you can always look and find out if you can still enter or is it too late.

Super profitable strategy

The screenshot shows that there is a strong movement, and before that, an angle formed at number 1, the black corrective indicator rested on the top point, at number 2, the fast stochastic approached the overbought zone.

After that, I started buying short options just on the move until it ended.

In addition, if you switch to the M1 timeframe, you can see that there is a potential opportunity to also buy several up options.

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The price during the news often makes pullbacks and even in these moments it is easy to make money.

Break even strategy

At number 1, you can see that all the indicators have gathered into one flagellum and pressed to the very bottom, which means there will be a rollback + at number 2, both stochastics have gathered in the oversold zone in the same way and the scale of the lower window is filled with red to the brim, to the very top, and it accurately shows overbought and oversold markets.

At this moment, you can buy for a short time, as the price can still continue to move along the trend.

It was possible to buy a short option even when, after the main movement in the lower window, the fast light green stochastic under the number 3 (from the first screen) rose up, and the slow one still remains at the bottom.

We also see that under the number 4 there is only a small rise in the small dotted line, which shows small kickbacks, all the lines are pressed down, which means that the seller still has pressure and you can still add more.

In total, 16 transactions were opened on the 24option trading platform, the total profit for which amounted to 5840$ - all options were closed with a positive result, which is good news!

24option 16 deals

Many people ask: how to start making money on binary options?

Well, there is a simple and time-tested and safe way to make quick money, why not use it?

Attention! 24option has stopped trading binary options, it is recommended to move to a more reliable trading platform FinMax!

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