Answers to frequently asked questions about the adviser

Answers to frequently asked questions about the adviser
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Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about advisor for overclocking a small deposit on forex. How does an advisor work? How to trade? How much can you earn, etc.

Does the EA trade automatically?

No, the EA only displays the levels from which the price rebounds. Transactions must be concluded independently, based on the signals of the robot.

What is included in the training that comes with the adviser?

The course consists of training video lessons, which include:

1. Introduction and briefing
2. Overview of the MT4 trading terminal
3. Instructions for installing and configuring the adviser
4. Trading plan
5. Practice (online trading)
+ you can ask questions on the forum, send screenshots of deals and discuss trading.

Does the EA work on 4 digits?

Yes, but it is still recommended to work on 5-digit quotations. If the broker provides you with a 4-digit, then these are not market prices, but he draws them at the program level.

The real market, real quotes, interbank quotes are now only at 5-digit quotes.

What broker do you recommend for trading with an adviser?

It is recommended to work only with Alpari. This is a reliable broker, with a variety of account types and normal trading conditions.

Is it possible to make 100% from 100$ in 1 week?

100% with 100$ can be done in a day or a couple of hours, let alone a week. It all depends on: how many pairs you will use in trading, what lot to trade and how many adviser signals you will work out.

If I have never worked with advisors and do not know how it is enabled, can I trade like this?

There is a detailed video installation instruction MT4 and setting up the adviser itself, everyone could do it, you can too!

Does the EA work on USD/RUB and EUR/RUB?


Can other indicator systems be used in conjunction with an Expert Advisor?


What TM can be traded with a robot?

The adviser works on a 15-minute chart, if you switch to other TMs, the levels will not be displayed correctly. Because the levels are set to M15.

This is the first time I hear about Forex, what should I do?

In the training section there are additional lessons on setting up the MT4 program (how to use it and how to set it up), you will understand everything.

What operating system does MT4 run on?

In general, for anyone, but if something doesn’t work out for you, just open Google and write a request: how to run the application in compatibility mode.

What pairs does the EA work on?

In general, on any, but on some exotic currencies, the levels may be displayed in a smaller amount, so it is recommended to work on all major ones.

Does the adviser work on metals: gold, silver?

Works on gold, not tested on silver.

Does the EA work on oil?

Unfortunately not tested, but you can easily do it yourself.

Is it possible to trade the adviser during the news?

The levels are also shown during the news, but at the initial stage it is not recommended, since there is a strong volatility and you can simply not have time to make deals, it is better to wait.

Does the robot only work on a dollar account?

In theory, it should work on any account. If you put it on a ruble account, it will calculate the volume and open a deal regardless of the account currency, since the pair has one chart.

Is it possible to put some other advisers with this adviser?

No, because if you put a second robot on one chart, then one will be deleted, and the second one will remain. If you need to do this, then you can only put the second robot on another parallel chart.

Does the robot work in any other trading terminals?

No, the trading robot only works in MT4.

Can I use a trailing stop?

Better not, trailing stops can cut your profits. It is better to look at the current situation.

» Video with the analysis of transactions online "

An example of how levels work:

An example of how forex levels work

An example of a trade for the USD/CAD pair:

USD/CAD trade

Here's what happened in the end:

USD/CAD buy deal

Attention! This advisor is no longer relevant! We have a new, more advanced development, more on this page!

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