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Bitgy is a scam
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Today we are considering another project that offers services for the quick and profitable exchange of various digital currencies. Crypto exchange Bitgy claims to be the company behind the creation of the first virtual coins. A close-knit team of traders and financiers is ready to share their experience and knowledge gained over a long career with anyone. A close examination of the web resource's meager content, document verification and service evaluation revealed the facts that determine the scam in the Bitgy project. The office operates without registration and licenses, does not provide intelligible contact information, and also lies heavily about its age. Although it is still difficult to find real reviews about Bitgy on the Web, we have every reason to suspect fraud. Read the details of exposing another cryptocurrency scam further in our review.

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Bitgy: examination of the site and documents

Main site:

Whois score:

The real age of Bitgy
The real age of Bitgy

Bitgy project (scam). Description and service evaluation of the site

The Bitgy project website looks rather dull and does not contain really important information. It will cost a lot of work for a beginner who got to this site to understand the essence of the trading process. There are no trading conditions or tariff plans, the deposit/withdrawal system has not been announced. It is not clear how the platform works, the information is presented in general phrases. And the terms of its use are designed in the format of an unreadable "solid" text with hidden "pitfalls". On the disclosure portal, you can find a lot of fraudulent resources, with their primitive design reminiscent of the Bitgy scam.

The independent service SeoLik gave a fair assessment to this web masterpiece.

Bitgy - site evaluation
Bitgy - site evaluation

The cost of two symbolic rubles and almost zero indexing by search engines complement the strong impression we already have that Bitgy is a scam. A cheap site with vague content designed to attract gullible newbies, rip them off and shut them down as soon as negative reviews appear on the Web.

The landing page looks like this:

  • a header with an inconspicuous offer, a logo, a scrolling line of quotes, a button to start trading and a menu (bet, about the company, contacts, conditions, authorization, registration);
  • table of rates of virtual coins;
  • cryptocurrency market news;
  • account opening button.

In the footer of a simple site - the current year and email address.

It is obvious that the site, which we are reviewing today, has borrowed a lot of data from the resources of known scammers. This is proof that Bitgy is a scam.

Bitgy scam documents check: registration, contacts, real age

We would like to remind you that the information that we provide in our reviews is a personal opinion based on an analysis of data provided by the company itself, its customers and independent services. If you have experience with the project under review, then share it in the comments.

We traditionally start the verification with the contact details offered by the company on the official website. Other than email and a feedback form, there is no real way to communicate with Bitgy's friendly team of scoundrels. The lack of the possibility of direct dialogue is one of the clear signs of a scam.

There is no talk of official registration, licenses, or at least legal affiliation to any country. From our compatriots, these comrades also have no right to accept investments and dispose of them. The Central Bank did not issue licenses for financial activities to Bitgy.

Checking the Bitgy license on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Checking the Bitgy license on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The well-known fact that it is impossible to track and return cryptocurrency transactions increases the risk of irretrievable loss of funds invested in the Bitgy project. As well as a cunning user agreement, which veiled disclaimer for monetary losses incurred by customers. Here is just one such quote.

Denial of responsibility

Fairy tales about the beginning of a career in 2015 and extensive experience in cryptocurrency trading were easily dismissed by checking the real age of the office by Whois. The resource appeared just the other day - in June 2023 (see the first screen in the article). This, by the way, can explain the lack of reviews - it's just that such simpletons have not yet been found. But we already have enough reason to claim that Bitgy is a scam.

Scam Bitgy. USP, tariffs

According to legend, Bitgy has been providing the best service for those who just want to buy and sell bitcoins for the eighth year now. The platform guarantees instant deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as the exchange of cryptocurrencies at the most fair prices. The guys talk a lot about their lofty goals to bring the culture of cryptocurrency to the masses and create an entire ecosystem. At the same time, elementary trading conditions and tariffs are not announced.

Fraudsters describe the work of their platform in general terms, ironically considering transparency and honesty as their main advantage. You just need to register, specify a lot of personal data, replenish your account and invest in any crypto asset. The thoughtful recommendation is touching to carefully study the very concept of cryptocurrency before buying it.

From all of the above, one can draw a completely unambiguous conclusion. Bitgy is a scam that has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency exchanges. The guys are not going to help their clients make money on popular virtual resources, but plan to simply rob people. Not forgetting to collect as much confidential information about users as possible in order to use it for other fraudulent scams.

Real reviews about Bitgy scammers

As mentioned above, real reviews of the Bitgy scammer on the Web have not yet appeared due to the young age of the project. We hope that our review will be able to stop those who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency and have chosen the Bitgy scam for this.

If you have been a victim of the Bitgy scam, please share your experience by leaving a comment below this article. Perhaps your review will have time to warn others about the danger of losing money.

Conclusion: why Bitgy is a scam

As a conclusion from our investigation, we list the identified signs that Bitgy is a scam:

  • cheap uninformative resource with zero indexing in search engines;
  • lack of information about registration and licenses;
  • impossibility of direct contact with the team;
  • lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • lies about the age of the project.

We do not claim that the information presented in our reviews is the ultimate truth. Our goal is to detect signs of fraud. Considering the above facts, we recommend avoiding cooperation with Bitgy.

If you are interested in a refund from a fraudulent broker, or if you suffered a loss due to Bitgy's fault, please fill out the form at the beginning of this review. We will contact you and provide you with a detailed, illustrated action plan for the return of funds to the specified email address.

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