Currency pair: CAD/CHF (Canadian dollar - Franc), features and specifications

Currency pair: CAD/CHF (Canadian dollar - Franc), features and specifications
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The CAD/CHF currency pair is more of course a stable profit with long-term prospects than short-term trading.

The CAD/CHF currency pair is a combination of the Canadian dollar and the Swiss franc. The base element is the currency of Canada, and the quoted element is the currency of Switzerland.

The asset indicates how many loonie dollars can be bought in franc terms.

It belongs to the exotic pairs of the Forex market, however, it attracts the attention of various categories of traders - both those who want to earn quick profits in the short term, and long-term investors.

Features of the behavior of the currency pair CAD/CHF

Since the pair is formed as a cross-rate and is pegged to the US dollar, the price dynamics is due to the influence of factors that relate directly to Canada and Switzerland, as well as the US market. The asset is characterized by low profitability, and active trading falls on the European trading session.

CAD is a commodity asset, and CHF is a technical instrument, the CAD/CHF combination formed as a trading pair is considered not very popular on the market, and is also characterized by low liquidity.

The key factors of influence are the rates of the Central Banks of the countries and their difference, as well as the relationship of each currency with the US dollar. Considering the commodity-export orientation of Canada, the important factors for its monetary unit are the prices for oil and raw materials, and the economic indicators of the United States.

Switzerland is influenced by foreign trade with the European Union and the United States, the volume of foreign capital inflows.

Analysis of the CAD/CHF currency pair

Despite the fact that the “Canadian dollar-Swiss franc” is not a popular instrument in the Forex market, it remains in demand and profitable for smart and experienced investors with long-term goals.

The use of such an asset is appropriate for stable and small earnings. Almost all currencies in combination with the Swiss franc are characterized by a calm trading rhythm without hesitation.

The Canadian dollar is affected by the following factors:

  • the price of oil and raw materials;
  • trade relations with the American market.

The Swiss franc is affected by the following factors:

  • inflow of foreign capital into the country;
  • trade relations with the European Union and the States.

The economies of both states are characterized by stable growth and good prospects.

When conducting an analysis to predict the movement of the CAD/CHF pair, it is important to consider the following features:

  • the cost of black gold;
  • GDP indicator;
  • inflation and its dynamics;
  • trade balance of each country;
  • the rate of the Central Bank;
  • US economic indicators;
  • KOF indicator;
  • climatic conditions and tourism business.

How to trade the CAD/CHF currency pair?

The pair belongs to the category of low-income, trading activity falls on the European session.

It is characterized by pronounced historical levels, which traders need to focus on when analyzing. Also, important data suggests support and resistance levels, the trend of movement.

When predicting the movement of CAD / CHF, it is important to take into account the dynamics of the US dollar and those currency pairs in which it is present.

CAD/CHF chart

A live chart for the CADCHF currency pair is an ideal solution for those who do not want to install MT4 for analysis.

Technical analysis

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