What are binary options really?

What are binary options really?
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  • SCAM?
  • SCAM?

What are binary options really - game or work? If you analyzed the asset, opened a trade and the price followed your forecast, you will earn and receive your real money.

How to avoid losses?

  • Reliable broker;
  • Working strategy;
  • Positive emotional attitude.

Choose reliable and well-known brokers (like this one) and you will never have to hesitate to trade.

Also, of course, you should pay attention to your trading tactics. To get started, you can play on a special Demo account, where you will have virtual money.

Are binary options a scam?

“Binary options are a scam!” So shout numerous reviews about binary options. And this is so if:

  1. The trader chose a low-quality broker. Young, without a reputation with a dubious history;
  2. He did not work according to a well-defined algorithm. (Failed trading strategy or overly emotional behavior at work);
  3. Or even the most common story. The person did not analyze the asset or simply did it in haste, after which the price went against his forecast and he lost money.

Of course, the first thing a trader wants to do in this situation is to blame everyone around.

“I lost money even though I analyzed the market! And all because binary options are a scam!”

A person does not stop there, but begins to persistently look for evidence that the broker's price does not match the market, that he did this, and the broker did this ... And he finds confirmation of this.

But all professional traders know that the price of all brokers will always differ by several points, this is the technical feature of data transfer from the exchange, which states this in the charter. But even this small difference does not always help, and a person, without explaining the reasons, everything boils down to the fact that the broker does not list him on the exchange.

But who said that the broker brings to the exchange? After all, you are not buying shares, but only a contract for the difference in price!

To enter a real exchange, 5-digit amounts are needed just to open one position! In this regard, it is precisely brokers that act as assistants to us, in the form of an intermediary in operations - between banks and ordinary individuals. persons.

And anyway, most people have strange behavior, but even Buffett lost money on stocks, did he really say at that moment that “stocks are a scam”.

You may not have heard, but there is an international stock trading championship in the world - the World Cup Trading Championship or the Robbinson Cup. It was there that Larry Williams broke the record with 11,376% profits. 10 years later, his daughter Michelle showed an impressive result in 1000% there and took first place.

The main advantages of binary options

You are allowed to earn even with minimal investment. Significant amounts may be required to purchase a block of shares, which will be measured in tens of thousands of dollars. With binary options, you can trade stocks with as little as $25, for example!

The benefits here are obvious. Another important advantage is accessibility. Brokers offer quite simple and intuitive platforms through which you can make transactions.

It will take you only a couple of minutes to master the online platform, unlike the trading terminal, after which you can already buy this or that contract on your own!

Happy trading dear friend!

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