EXMO COIN broke the market by making 1700% in 1 month! What's next?

EXMO COIN broke the market by making 1700% in 1 month! What's next?
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Approximately 1 year ago, the crypto exchange held an ICO and issued an intra-exchange token EXM COIN. After listing, it was safely merged almost to the floor. It’s hard to say for sure whether it was the original idea of the rich to buy it from the bottom of the hamsters or just newbie traders could not resist and sold it.

The cycle of decline is over and now only growth?

And so, when the downward cycle ended at 0.00000010 btc (the price even went lower - somewhere by 0.00000008 btc!) there was a sharp rise in price. This was accompanied by an unplanned token burn.

It can be considered news, but I'm used to believing those. analysis and it works)) Because if you compare the approximate dates of burning on the chart, it was not always pumped))

(The blue lines mark the burn dates)

It's just that the cycle has ended and the price will now rise. Probably, 0.00000100 btc was the bottom, the price dropped to 90 satoshi and returned back. There is little hope that such a sharp rise should actually close, at levels of 40-50 satoshi. But there is another thing - judging by the activity and the glass, few people want to drain it, everyone is sitting and waiting for higher prices, since there are many from the same audience who took it a year ago and simply do not want to go to zero.

During the first flight, the price flew up to 0.00000160 btc, corrected by 0.00000100 btc and immediately returned back reaching the level of 0.00000170 btc!

Now, if this is really a triangle being completed, then the next price mark is in the region of 300-350 satoshi!

I don’t recommend going out, it’s dangerous, it’s better to buy it more and if there are funds, then place an order to buy for 0.00000050 btc - maybe it will capture, but honestly, this is unlikely. Does it make sense for him to fall again if the price has been lying for a whole year?)

There is also another very important nuance. Half of the entire emission of tokens is locked with the owner, it is somewhere around 1 billion (I don’t remember exactly). I don’t know what they are for, maybe they will use them somehow, but if they want to just merge them, exmo coin will fly to the bottom again! Be careful))

Where can I buy EXMO COIN?

I don’t remember if this exmo coin is still being traded somewhere now, it seems that it was listed on another crypto exchange called livecoin, but it fell off)) And the exmo token did not show any success there. Therefore, at the moment exm coin can only be bought on the exchange itself EXMO. And in general, it is best of course to buy an exchange token on the crypto exchange to which it belongs. An external wallet is not provided and therefore it can only be stored there.

Is it worth taking right now?

If you are now looking at the chart and the price is approximately at the same levels as shown in the screenshots above, you can safely take it! The accumulation has been too long for this growth to end now. And the longer the price is formed, the higher the growth!


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