FxNewsKiller - Autoclick! The program for trading on the news!

FxNewsKiller - Autoclick! The program for trading on the news!
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FxNewsKiller introduces an unparalleled news trading program! What is autoclick? Read on!

AUTOCLICK is: Trading signals to the terminal: "TO" and "TO THE SIDE" of the market reaction to the news!

FxNewsKiller is an unparalleled program for trading on the news. With the help of the Autoclick program, you can enter a position even before the moment when the price reaction to the news is triggered.

FxNewsKiller - Autoclick! The program for trading on the news!

FxNewsKiller - opens a position in 0.03 seconds. before the release of the news! Autoclick still working in 0.03 sec. before the release of the news itself and puts SELL or BUY exactly in the direction in which the price jump is expected!

Auto-click is an instant receipt of a news signal with an accuracy of up to 99%!


All you need is to download the MT4 terminal (recommended broker alpari) on the VPS server (for fast speed), set up a special Autoclick program that you need to download here, receive a signal for a news release (only FxNewsKiller receives it in 0.03 seconds!!!), automatically enter the market, take profit!

Attention! The FxNewsKiller software package works fine only for alpari and there are no problems with withdrawing money after autoclick. I recommend only this broker.

The program for trading on the news!

Why is this?

If you trade Forex, news futures and want to increase the number of profitable trades and collect as many points as possible at the time of the news jump, Autoclick is for you!

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It is no longer necessary to place pending orders in the hope that they will not be hooked by the shadow of the candle and watch in anticipation - where will the price move, up or down, how many points will it pass??

Auto-click on receiving a signal enters the market with an accuracy of 99%!

FxNewsKiller - Autoclick

For example: there was news on New Zealand unemployment and forecasts were 0.6% higher than expected, unemployment was 7.3%, instead of 6.3% expected and this is bad for the currency, as a result, NZDUSD fell. We were nearby, and Autoclick knew about it even 0.03 seconds before that it would happen and entered the market JUST!

Everything happens in 0.03 seconds, and thanks to such lightning speed, you enter the market even BEFORE and TOWARD the reaction of the financial markets! A person can’t do it in time, but it’s easy for the Fx News Killer clicker.

Autoclick is able to increase the deposit by 30-100 and more % in ONE deal! When many traders work for this figure for a whole month, you have the opportunity to do it at once!

Autoclick closes 98 trades with a profit out of 100, this is not the case anywhere else!

The accuracy is incredible, there is no risk of losing the deposit at all - this is achieved primarily by 100% market predictability in the first minutes after the publication of important economic news.

Download autoclick!

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