Intrade Bar Binary options broker: review and real feedback from traders

Intrade Bar Binary options broker: overview and advantages of the trading platform
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"INTRADE BAR" binary options broker, created in 2016 by MR AXIANO, is an interesting platform for Russian-speaking traders. Intrade Bar offers a unique platform for trading with many settings and adapted to any browser. Let's analyze this site in more detail.

General site conditions

"INTRADE BAR" offers beginners to get comfortable on the site using a demo account. Those who are familiar with binary options trading will quickly figure out the interface of the bookmaker because it is intuitive and convenient.

Blocking of accounts on the site is not observed. On the contrary, traders who successfully trade can count on comprehensive support.

The broker has a fixed and noticeably large payout system:

  • 3 minutes - 80%;
  • more than 3 minutes - 77%
  • random asset - always 97%.

"INTRADE BAR" abandoned the practice of providing deposit bonuses, unlike other brokers. The company came to the conclusion that such actions provoke traders to fight off the received preferences. This ultimately leads to the loss of the entire deposit. Perhaps with such a position they want to consolidate their authority, since bonus - this is a real opportunity to start with a small deposit, many beginners take advantage of this and successfully accelerate the deposit without significant initial investments!

On the site of the bookmaker, there is a useful option for traders - risk management. At the beginning of the working day, you can specify the acceptable risk and profit. In the process of trading, it becomes easier to control your emotions. This helps to avoid rash bets and save your capital.

Risk Management in Intrade Bar

But it is unlikely that artificially limiting risk in the trading process will help control your emotions; rather, it will only “compress the spring” more strongly.

And when you disable this feature or switch to another site, you will lose part of the funds that you should have lost.

Money management really helps to avoid rash bets and save your capital, but you need to calculate everything yourself and for each trading tactic separately, and even for each pair.

news clicker

"INTRADE BAR" binary options broker has its own program that allows you to make instant transactions when news is released. According to them, the speed of opening a deal after the release of the news is only 0.1 seconds. The program works stably even when several news are released at the same time.


Registration on the betting site is standard and not difficult. All you have to do is fill out a short form with your name and email address. After that, you will receive an email containing your login details.


Registration in Intrade Bar

The only thing that is indicated during registration is the method of trading - real or demo. You can change it in your personal account at any time.


The official website of Intrade Bar operates on a platform with "TRADINGVIEW" charts and "THOMSON REUTERS" quotes.

As it turned out, every day the platform offers to indicate the level of risk, after which trading stops. Two parameters are indicated - profit and loss.

Trading platform Intrade Bar

You can trade in 3 modes:

  1. Classical – expiration ends every 5 minutes. Profit - 77%.
  2. Sprint – expiration ends in the interval from 3 to 500 minutes. Profit for 3 minutes - 80%, if this time is exceeded - 77%.
  3. Random – expiration ends in the interval from 5 seconds to 500 minutes. The mode works on the basis of a random number generator around the clock and every day. Profit - 97% (currently an obsolete function that has been removed).


The liquidity provider for this bookmaker is the well-known company THOMSON REUTERS.

The asset value data provided by this organization is highly accurate. Reviews about "INTRADE BAR" say that sometimes relevant information is somewhat late. However, this is most likely due to the speed of the trader's Internet.

You can check the quotes yourself on the official website

Mobile app

BC has not developed its own mobile application and does not plan to do so. If a trader wants to achieve high profits, he will have to immediately get used to working in a web terminal.

Deposit and withdrawal

The platform rules say that it takes no more than 15 minutes to process a withdrawal request. In reviews of INTRADE BAR, traders say that funds are actually withdrawn within 5 minutes.

The exception is non-working hours, which last in the financial department of the company from 9:00 to 17:00 Moscow time. If the working hours are over, the processing of the application is postponed to the next day.

Trader reviews

Reviews are mostly positive when it comes to withdrawing funds. The broker has its own payout schedule and many write on emotions that they don’t receive money, but as it turns out, they just had to wait a bit.

There are also cases of platform freezing, but this is everywhere, nothing is perfect)) you just need to have a powerful computer and high-speed Internet access so that nothing slows down for you.

In general, the broker has room to grow, they often write that there are some problems in the interface, but technical specialists immediately fix this.

Write below in the comments about your experience with the Intrade bar broker!


In conclusion, we note that this site is quite young, but promising. A well-designed interface and supporting software, as well as cooperation with well-known companies, show that we are dealing with a serious and responsible bookmaker.

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