How to safely make money on the news? +200 points on Non-farm Payrolls!

How to safely make money on the news? +200 points on Non-farm Payrolls!
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How to safely make money on the news? +200 points on Non-farm Payrolls! An easy way, even a novice trader without experience and knowledge can do it!

The release of the most important non-farm economic news (Change in the number of people employed in the private non-agricultural sector) is always a real stir among traders, as all speculators are waiting for this news in order to make quick money.

Yes, you can make money quickly and probably even guaranteed just on the news.

The essence of making money on the news?

At the time of the release of important news, the price makes a sharp movement in any direction, at the time of the release of the news, the trader needs to open a deal in order to earn money.

Usually, the choice of the direction of the transaction is carried out only on the basis of the published data: positive or negative, but this does not always work.

During the release of the news, the market may generally react inadequately, so the safest thing, of course, is to look to show break even strategy

On June 3, 2016, non-farm news was released, the indicators turned out to be worse than expected:

Negative data on non-farm news

As a result, the trader had to open a sell deal and make money, since the price overcame a large number of points, and in binary options, as you know, it doesn’t matter how many points the price has moved, the main thing is that there is a distance of at least 1 point!

Well, the break-even strategy showed IN ADVANCE that the price will go down:

USD/JPY non-farm

If you look at the USD/JPY pair, which is higher in the screenshot, you can see that there was a strong movement of 200 points!

Indicators numbered 1 and 2 were at the top at that time, and indicators number 3 were at the bottom, which means that the price will go down, which happened at the time of the news release.

Here is the movement for the USD/CHF pair below:

USD/CHF at the exit of non-farm news

Indicator number 1 in the form of a dotted white line jumped up, and indicators 3 did not have time to reach the top and linger at the bottom, which means that there will be a rollback down. And since the timeframe is large (H4), the movement will be large, which happened.

Plus, the lower stochastic at number 2 also reached the top, and since it is modernized and will not be rebuilt, the price has only one choice - to go down!

Well, what can we say about gold, for which it costs nothing to overcome a couple of thousand points, so in this case, the strategy clearly shows that a stable support is being formed.

Under numbers 1 and 2, the so-called POKES are formed by indicators, and this indicates that the price DOES NOT WANT to go down and the news that has been released, respectively, pushes it up!

Gold at the news release

Do you want to trade ONLY in profit?

Then boldly take your break-even strategy here HERE!

What are the advantages of trading with a breakeven strategy during the news?

Why can't you use pending orders 5 minutes before the news?

  • Firstly, such orders can break the stops on both transactions and you will not receive a profit, and the loss on all two transactions and it can be enormously large, because due to a sharp news movement, the stop loss can be executed very far from that price, by which it was posted. Thus, the loss can be calculated in large amounts, up to the drain of the deposit.
  • Secondly, at the time of the release of the news, you can open a deal in the direction of the price movement only with the help of an insider or this strategy, as mentioned above.

And most importantly, the advantages of trading using a breakeven strategy is that we open only one deal and in the direction of further movement, because the TS shows where the price will move and it doesn’t matter what news comes out there, we just know that a strong movement is expected and we waiting for high returns.

Get a strategy right now!

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