How to really learn to trade and earn on Forex from scratch?

How to really learn to trade and earn on Forex from scratch?
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How to make money on Forex from scratch? How to really learn to trade and earn on Forex, and not to merge? A step-by-step recipe that blows the roof off even advanced traders when they double their capital from scratch in a couple of trades!

Do you want to learn how to actually trade Forex and make money, or do you like fussing on the spot?

Usually, newbies who do not understand the essence of things and do not know who is behind all this simply stupidly overtake their deposit, thereby not earning or draining it completely.

Without understanding the essence of what is happening in the market - by opening deals not according to a clear, proven strategy, you only feed the big players, since most beginners lose because of unsystematic trading, even before they even start.

Forex is a market of market makers and they are behind all this, and, accordingly, large banks.

It looks something like this:

Today I earned +30$, tomorrow I leaked -50$, the day after tomorrow I somehow made +60$ again (and already at the top with happiness), but the next day I leaked -120$ ...

A familiar picture, isn't it?

If you are familiar with this, then you should carefully review all your trading and, in order to avoid tears and gnawed elbows, it is better, of course, to finally use a real assistant that tells you where to sell and where to buy. Where to put Stop Loss and where to put Take Profit? With ease, a robot assistant will tell you!

What does it show and how does it work?

The work of the advisor robot

Everything is very simple, from the screenshots above you can see that after the level (green bar) has formed, we wait for the price to break through it (No. 1 in the screenshot), as soon as the level is broken, we wait for the price to roll back to the level and begin to consolidate above ( #2 in the screenshot).

At this moment, you need to open a buy deal, as you can see in the screenshot (#3) — the price starts moving up after a slight flat above the level!

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The legendary Expert Advisor blew up the market with its simplicity and efficiency

  • Everything is clear and laid out on the shelves: we saw the level, opened an order, set stop loss and take profit (everything according to the rules) - we are waiting for profit.

It's hard for me to understand what to do?

We see that the price is approaching the level - press the F9 key in the terminal and open a deal:

Opening a Forex trade to the MT4 terminal

Or, you can just press the button directly on the chart SELL (this function is already built into the EA!) — the robot will open a trade with a lot size equal to the set % of the total deposit!

In this case it is 1%:

Opening a Forex trade with an advisor

Everything! It remains only to wait for a profit or, in order to further increase profits, look at other charts to see if there are suitable levels for opening a deal.

But we will now analyze step by step only this one deal to sell on AUD / JPY, so as not to get confused.

Here's what happens after a while:

The deal goes to profit on Forex

The price is moving towards the established Take Profit!

And here is the profit:

Closing a Forex trade with a profit

But as the price approaches strong resistance, waiting for the price to stop and begin to consolidate, as soon as this happens, we close the deal and fix the profit:

Fixing profits on forex

Is this the GRAIL? Essentially - YES!

Not an ounce of water!

It seems that this adviser came out in the spring, but it has already gained popularity among novice traders because of its ease of installation, the highest accurate trading signals and a high percentage of profitable trades!

And also not a little important role is played by the fact that even an absolute beginner in Forex will cope with it!

It does not need to be configured, just put it on the chart and it starts working.

An ideal option for those who want to learn how to trade in the forex market, but are still afraid because they don’t know where to start.

This adviser helps to determine the places for opening deals, as well as you will learn how to determine the places for placing stop losses and take profit.

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PS And finally, a couple more deals closed with a plus:

Buy deal on GBP/JPY closed in plus

Buy trade on EUR/JPY closed with profit

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