Market makers: who are they, their function and role in market pricing

Market makers: who are they, their function and role in market pricing
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The Forex market is a market of market makers. Who are market makers? In a nutshell, these are the creators of the market, that is, market participants who themselves make it. These are mainly large banks, financial institutions, etc.

These organizations undertake to ensure constant liquidity in the market, that is, so that a transaction is constantly made - by any market participants.

Of course, they work in both directions, both for buying and for selling.

For example, if the situation in the market is such that the majority of traders decide to make a purchase, then it is natural that an imbalance will occur. There will be emptiness on the part of sellers, there will be no one to buy from, there will be no liquidity.

It is in such situations that market makers operate, providing buyers with the opportunity to satisfy their demand, thereby creating liquidity in the market.

BUT! Market makers came to the market not to lose their money, but to earn.

Who then loses money on forex?

Loses the main crowd of traders.

That is why you need to learn using this adviser — watch where market makers sit and calmly make deals. After all, you can immediately see what tricks they are preparing for the crowd, and we, using this advisor we no longer lose money along with the “crowd”, but earn!

After all, if you understand how market makers operate and what you need to pay attention to, you will certainly be in a winning position.

This is exactly how it works this adviser.

Why do market makers mainly trade in the market and do they do it?

  • If the price moves in any direction, then most traders are losing money.
  • If the price stops, then the majority has already lost, and then the trend may already change.

That is, the minority of traders who made money in this movement where the majority lost - they will also try to drop them, or the price will stop and will stagnate in some range until new victims come, due to which market makers will earn again.

They always act like this, this is their main form of income.

Do you want to learn more and generally reach a stable profit of at least 1000$ per month?

After all, this is the minimum, how much students earn here this course, which includes this legendary robot assistant.

Most students earn from 3000$ per month using this Expert Advisor, and the best ones already have an average income of 10000$.

Just see how the levels that it displays work. adviser:


The price approaches the level and returns, and we manage to make a deal and get a profit:


The rules of trading are so simple that even a child can handle it. All transactions are made strictly from the levels. Stop Loss is placed below the level, if the deal is for a purchase, or above the level, if there is a sell order.

Take profit is usually 2-3 times higher than the stop loss, depending on the situation, it happens that the take profit is up to 1 to 7, then the profit can generally be large. All this is covered in detail in this tutorial.

How does the robot calculate market maker levels?

These levels are calculated by a special algorithm using complex price combinations.

These levels cannot be calculated by eye, this is simply not realistic and only a robot can build such levels.

This can only be done by program code, and this robot assistant was created for this.

Here's another situation:


The price approached the level, we opened a sell trade, the stop is above the level, the take profit is 3 times higher - the price went in our direction, forming the next level:

The price has moved in our direction.

There is also such a beautiful trend, where there are only levels for sale:


No matter how the price rolls back, it still comes back.

Here's another example:

Forex deal

We opened a deal below the level and the price went in our direction.

If you take Forex education seriously, you will make the same trades and earn consistently.

And here is a really nice level:


The price fought and fought, forming a level and eventually went down:

Price drop

Here's another:

Binary options earnings

Binary Options in Forex

These are all real transactions that are not shown in history, but were actually made!

Here we have opened a Buy order above the level:

Opened an order to Buy above the level

And the price went in our direction:

Making money on binaries

This Expert Advisor really helps in Forex trading, as 80% probably performs all the analysis work, all that remains is to make deals and take profits.

Can you imagine how much time it would take to analyze all this on your own, to do all the work manually?

You no longer need to spend time finding the main levels, the robot does everything for you!

And it’s not a fact that even if you do it all yourself, you will do everything exactly, and the robot does not know sleep and emotions, it works 24 hours a day - this is a machine that does not make mistakes!

Even if you sit in front of the monitor from morning to night, you still won’t have time to do anything! And why?

After all, there is a robot in which a special algorithm of actions is laid down to identify these levels on a full machine!


Yes! As soon as you install the adviser on the MT4 chart, it will immediately start displaying the levels.

Here are some more examples with real deals:

MT4 chart advisor

Entrance above level


Forex earnings

The deal was closed by take profit:

The deal was closed by take profit

Many cannot even imagine what heights can be achieved thanks to this robot.

Of course, you can use simple forex strategies, but the most effective, as practice shows, is understanding the psychology of the market, understanding how the market works and how market makers act. Because it is on the basis of this that the price movement occurs.

If you understand these processes, then no matter how the market changes or does not change, market makers will not go anywhere and their trail can be tracked in order to use it to your advantage.

How long will this trading system work?

Market makers have always been and will always be on the market, and their trail, as already mentioned, can be easily tracked and traded profitably.

Sometimes levels work out not one, but two or more times:

The operation of this trading system

You can get an adviser along with training material + a link to a secret thread on the forum where you can communicate with the creator of the robot by THIS LINK!

Happy trading dear trader!

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