Why is it recommended for beginners to start trading with binary options, and not with Forex?

Why is it recommended for beginners to start trading with binary options, and not with Forex?
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Why is it recommended for beginners to start trading with binary options, and not with Forex? The thing is that in binary options everything is much simpler than in Forex trading.

In binary options, you just need to determine where the price will move in the near future and that's it.

You can determine this using special strategies or, for those who are especially lazy, use ready-made signals for entries.

About Signals

According to the signals, you can not even analyze the market yourself, but simply buy options according to the provided trading recommendations.

What does it look like? Very simple! At signal connection, a window appears next to the trading platform with the data that comes in the live trading mode.

It remains only to monitor the emergence of new ones and buy options with the specified parameters.

Working on Forex using the same signals, it is also easier to trade there, but you still need to analyze more, since there are more input parameters.

And on binary options - just click UP or WAY DOWN!

For this, binary options were created in order to reduce labor costs without reducing profitability. On binary options, you can earn 80% at a time from invested funds; on Forex, only traders with a very large deposit and experience can afford such earnings, and there are only a few of them.

About strategies

Every novice trader can use for himself any strategy, or copying the deals of the most successfulif you don't want to trade on your own.

Which is better: signals or independent trading?

It depends on what signals you will use. If you connect to these signals, then the average profit for them is 85%, that is, out of 100 successful transactions, as a rule, there are no more than 20 unprofitable ones, this is a very significant indicator.

This signal platform has long earned the attention of even the most influential investors. Investors don't trade, they invest, but they invest wisely.

Some again believe that investing requires a large start-up capital, but this is not entirely true. Everyone once started from scratch, and therefore, you can even start with 100$.

What you will earn from these 100$s is another question, the fact is to get started and not sit back like most waiters do.

Lying on the couch and thinking about high incomes, you won’t get one step closer to your dream. To make a dream come true, you need to take action.

Why not forex, but binary options?

It is easier to calculate money management on binary options, just use martingale calculator and just buy options in the course of the signals of the strategy you have chosen.

On binary options - you bought an option and you immediately know the potential loss or profit.

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