Special features on the trading platform for binary options

Special features on the trading platform for binary options
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In addition to the trading methodology and strategies itself, there are also special features that brokers offer on their trading platforms.

There are 3 main types of special opportunities that are provided to traders for trading.

These are operations on open trades, assistant tools and the ability to conduct technical analysis directly on the chart.

Operations on open deals

They often help traders minimize risks at the most sudden moment, for example, if a deal suddenly goes negative.

Early termination of an option

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on all brokers. Closing refers to the possibility of selling the option before closing, which allows you to get a smaller amount, but with less risk.

It is also called the opportunity to "sell an option."

Early closing is not available on all types of options, it is best to look at the detailed information directly on the broker's platform. Also, this operation can be done no later than ten minutes before the end of expiration.

Doubling the deal

This feature can not be called much needed, but it simplifies some part of trading. It's just that in the statistics of open deals, a button appears with the ability to double the option.

This means that when you click - another option will be bought for the same investment amount, in the same direction, but of course at a different price.


A useful feature of the trading platform - allows you to open an option in the opposite direction. The deal can be hedged if the price suddenly goes negative and we understand that it most likely will not come out in plus.

Then one comes out - to open the opposite option with double the cost. But this is done only if there is a possibility of the formation of a corridor, otherwise it may turn out that both options will close in the red.

In the usual case, the second doubled option will cover the loss of the first one, in the end it will be 0.

In the best case, both options will close in the money, but this is only if the price at the time of expiration is between the purchase prices of these options.

See how to hedge binary options trades

This is how it looks in the statistics of open deals:


The "sell option" function is not always available, but only when the deal goes into the red.

All of the above methods are quite easy to learn and will allow a novice trader to receive some income even in the early days.

Helper tools

Often, especially novice traders like to resort to auxiliary elements to get a profit, if there is still not enough experience.

But also experienced players often use, for example, signals to

Trading signals

Pretty popular feature, almost everyone provides it binary options brokers, but not all of course they are really profitable.

Of all, there is only one broker so far that provides truly reliable advanced technology.

This is of course FinMax!

On finmax Trading signals are built right next to the chart and you can watch in real time and immediately open trades.

Signals are received from 10 00 to 16 00 Moscow time. The signals are actually accurate, you can see the statistics of approximately profitability here.

There are many signals. Mostly they come with an expiration from 1 minute to 1 hour, but sometimes more.

It looks like this:

Connecting to the signal platform is better of course here.

Copy trades

Copying the traces of the best traders is a fairly new technology and has already gained solid popularity.

Its essence lies in the fact that you choose based on the statistics of the most successful trader who has been trading for a long time and with good profitability.


Set the copy parameters: deal volume, risks, etc. and click copy.

As soon as this trader starts making transactions, they will automatically open in the same way.

This functionality, for example, on FinMax is also called social radar.

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