Pocket Option trading platform: what makes it special?

Pocket Option trading platform: what makes it special?
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Features of working with the binary options broker Pocket Option.

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of binary options trading. This trend is not surprising, because with the right choice of the right strategy, you can earn a lot of money.

One of the actively developing popular binary options brokers, is a pocket option platform. The terms of cooperation with traders offered by the broker are simple, thanks to which even beginners can easily deal with the platform and start working in it.

underlying assets

Pocket Opshen offers its clients to work with a wide range of assets.

They include:

  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Shares of US and European enterprises;
  • World currency;
  • Precious metals.

The brokerage platform additionally offers all beginners who do not yet know how to trade with signals, participate in tournaments and use free signals.

Platform Features

Compared to other similar brokerage sites, Pocket Options offers a large number of indicators, which, if used correctly, greatly simplifies the process of successful transactions.

Thanks to this platform, traders have the opportunity to make a very deep analysis of the market. For forecasting, you can overlay one chart on another. For correct operation and accurate data analysis, the user must have high-speed Internet.

Working terminals

The Pocket Option trading platform offers its clients to work on the terminal that is more convenient for them, namely:

  • PC version (you can download MT4 or MT5);
  • Desktop terminal (browser version);
  • Mobile version on Android.

Users can freely download the mobile application from Google Play or the App Store; it is adapted to work with mobile electronic devices running on Android or iOS.


The Pocket Option broker provides all its clients with an extensive set of working tools. One of the most popular among both beginners and professional traders is the stochastic.

Therefore, many people are interested, for example: how to set up a stochastic on a pocket option. This tool is included in the standard set of tools offered by the broker.

It is located below the price chart in a separate window. Depending on the chosen strategy, the stochastic indicator helps to successfully cope with the sale of assets.

Of greatest interest to traders who are just starting to learn the binary options market is the Social Trading panel.

Thanks to this panel, the user can analyze the strategies of more experienced traders and compare his strategy with theirs. For the convenience of writing your own strategies or using ready-made ones, some traders use the Pocket Option Robot.

This software is not forbidden to be used on the Pocket Option brokerage platform for trading!

The robot is delivered to the end user as an extension for the Google browser. There are good reviews about robota in the network about its work, and incorrect work of this software product was not noticed.


The Pocket Option trading brokerage platform provides its clients with comfortable conditions and a wide range of tools for productive work in the global stock markets.

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