Features and characteristics of the currency pair: USD/CHF

Features and characteristics of the currency pair: USD/CHF
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Features and characteristics of the currency pair: USD / CHF (American dollar / Swiss franc)

Characteristic USD/CHF

The USD/CHF currency pair (US dollar - Swiss franc) is part of the main four pairs. For one day of sales of this pair is about five percent of the same volume of sales of the FOREX currency market.

The Swiss currency is one of the five major currencies in the world. Experts estimate that Swiss banks have concentrated a third of all their assets on land. Switzerland has made it clear that the franc is one of the safest currencies.

The USD/CHF pair has low mobility, it is prone to unidirectional movements and high volatility.

Given the technical analysis, we can say that the currency pair is fairly complex, the numerous false signals in the form of complex level breakouts support and resistance.

If the pair breaks the stop loss and breaks the level by 20 pips, then USD/CHF may return back inside the channel.

Peculiarities of USD/CHF behavior

The USD/CHF currency pair is referred to as a trend group, a feature for it is a high level of volatility and average mobility.

The euro/dollar currency pair has an inverse relationship with the USD/CHF. Because of this, prices move in the opposite direction with a certain delay.

With this feature, you can use and apply the currency pair in the trading chart of the euro and dollar pair, all this happens as an indicator. When relevant news appears, the relationship between these currencies is destroyed.

At the beginning of 2011, the Swiss central bank began to carry out decisions to convert its own exchange rate, in connection with this, the volatility of the dollar and franc pair fell noticeably, as a result, many traders began to refuse to use this pair.

Due to the abolition of the fixed rate policy in 2014, a sharp decline in the franc exchange rate began, but the currency soon recovered and currently has quite strong trends.

USD/CHF chart

A live chart for the USDCHF currency pair is an ideal solution for those who do not want to install MT4 for analysis.

Technical analysis

USD/CHF Trading Technique

What is the main news that can affect the Swiss franc? First of all, these are well-known trends, speeches of famous political figures and other important events taking place in the world.

It is precisely such important news that affects the US dollar, and also affects the pair with the franc.

News that can directly affect the currency of Switzerland does not have such a large amount that the dollar could have, but they can still be present, for example: the election of the President of Switzerland; loud statements.

All these are extremely rare events that are difficult to predict.

If you decide to make money on swaps, then you will fail in this pair, as they are very small. You should not pay attention to them.

The main trading sessions at the moment are the cities of London and New York. Therefore, all those rules that belong to other currencies and are included in the main group of currencies apply to it.

At the same time, paying special attention to the USD/CHF trend movements, we can say that they move smoothly and smoothly not only in important trading sessions, but also in Asian ones. In this regard, it is not recommended to use Asian flats on the Swiss currency.

But some other trend strategies you can use, only for a small purpose.

Since the pair is one of the most basic currencies in the world, it is quite possible to make money making predictions on it.

Experienced traders often use this pair, since its liquidity is far from small, as well as trading volumes - many people have been trading this currency for a long time around the world.

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