Forex VPS! Choosing a quality VPS server!

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Forex VPS! We choose a high-quality VPS server for auto trading on Forex!

How not to get confused with the choice of a quality VPS server?

If you are serious about trading, then having a reliable VPS server is an essential part of stable trading.

Forex VPS! Choosing a quality VPS server!

There is a sufficient number of VPS servers in the network, but not all of them really fit exactly how: reliable, inexpensive and with guaranteed support from professionals who are ready to solve your problems 24 hours a day, and for free.

For all the time I went through a bunch of VPS servers, I worked with the first of all, this is

What I want to say about him:

Support is better than none at all, they seem to respond quickly, but purely with unsubscribes, making it clear that they are not responsible for anything and that, like, if you rented a VPS, then you know how to use it :)

This is the cheapest VPS server of all virtual ones, but it didn’t even pull 1 MT4 from me, on which, however, a lot of indicators were installed, it simply couldn’t cope with these tasks, I had to look for another one. Communicating with those support, or rather trying to communicate, but nothing happened, somehow returned the money :)

I went through a bunch of shit, came across this one:, but then I realized that these guys probably have hundreds of such sites, here is another typical and many others of the same kind.

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Tariffs seem to be not expensive, which I immediately laid eyes on, but after talking with their support, I realized that I need to get out of there, they simply send to hell. They do not make any test periods or other moneybacks, like - pay, then we will give :)

There is another VPS server, there are many reviews about it, but the tariffs are really very expensive, this one:

Soon I found this VPS server: Forex box

What can be said about him?

Their support is simply amazing, after talking with them via chat, it immediately became clear that the people are adequate and know what they are doing, they immediately solved everything that I needed and helped install the terminals and drivers for the adviser to them. Support for 5s+

The VPS server itself is not a virtual one, but a real physical machine, that is, you rent not just a virtual desktop, but a real machine that, even with minimal memory, will work much faster than the usual expensive VPS.

You yourself choose the tariff that suits your work, you choose the optimal memory, disk and number of terminals that you need.

Moreover, their site immediately inspires much more confidence than other clones. They have:

Test period 7 days.

Guaranteed moneyback at any time.

Individual selection of the tariff plan.

24/7 technical support.

You rent a real physical machine with the selected number of resources (as many as you need), and not a virtual program that can crash at any time, as happens with other VPS servers.

Their website has contact details, not just skype or phone, but a real physical address - this already says something ;)

So, I think there is nothing special to think ;)

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