Safe strategy for turbo options: Tsunami

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Safe strategy for turbo options: Tsunami!

Trading binary options is a kind of art with a lot of subtleties. And this time we will tell you how you can trade turbo options safely and at the same time very effectively.

Using the minimum expiration periods in options to quickly earn money is the most popular way to rapidly increase your own capital.

The Tsunami trading system, which was developed specifically for this type of options, will profitably use turbo options in everyday high-frequency trading.

What do you need to trade on the system for torbo options - Tsunami?

In general, the specifics of this strategy and turbo options in general require the trader and the trading platform to have certain capabilities.

Firstly, the trader himself must have increased attentiveness and reaction speed, since such trading is characterized by a high pace at the slightest price fluctuations.

Secondly, the platform used for trading must have the following functionality:

  • Accurate quotes
  • Work without hangups
  • Required expiration range
  • Minimum trading conditions

Choosing a platform for high-speed trading

To test and demonstrate this strategy, you can choose a terminal this broker, since this brokerage company has the necessary tools and trading conditions.

According to these conditions, the client can apply turbo options for the minimum cost of contracts - $5, and the client can start the trading process after replenishing a deposit of $10 or more.

Setting up a strategy template

Now about the trading template setup scheme.

So, you need to add indicators to the chart that work in Tsunami, a strategy for turbo options.

Therefore, first add three MACD indicators to the chart at once, each of which is configured as follows:

The first MACD indicator with values 12/26/1

Second MACD indicator with values 24/50/1

The third MACD indicator with values 48/100/1

Then add the Moving Average indicator and set its parameters to 50 Exponential.

As a result, you will set up the Tsunami trading template, which will be displayed on the chart as follows:

Strategy Template

In this strategy, the task of the indicators is to determine the trend trend in 4 time periods at once, which is why their complex trading signal has a very high accuracy, which almost eliminates trading risks.

In principle, this strategy can be used not only on turbo options. If you slightly reconfigure the indicators, this strategy can also be used on classic options with expiration even up to 15 minutes.

How does the turbo options strategy work?

The Tsunami strategy signal for an increase in the value of an asset is displayed through:

1. Crossings by candlesticks of asset quotes of the moving average up.

2. A reversal of all three MACD indicators to the upside or when all indicators point to a stable uptrend.

Buying an option on CALL

A complex signal of the tsunami strategy for a decrease in the value of an asset is displayed when:

1. Crossings of asset quotes by candles of the moving average down.

2. Reversal of all three MACD indicators to the downside or when all indicators indicate a steady downward trend.

Buying a PUT option

The conclusion of transactions with a turbo option is carried out immediately after the indicators generate the above signals. But if at least one part of the trading signal is missing, it is impossible to enter into trade deals.

A full-fledged trading signal of the system is quite long, so it can be used to complete a trade with a positive result with great probability.

On average, the level of positive performance of the described strategy for turbo options can reach 80%.

Money management and expiration

In trading, these indicators can be called fundamental. No matter how effective the strategy is, it will not bring you profit if you use the wrong expiration range and do not properly manage your own capital.

Therefore, suitable expiration times would be 1-3 minutes. With such a trade duration, the Tsunami trading system shows maximum efficiency.

And according to the rules of the money management strategy, it is better to trade transactions of the lowest value, which this broker starts at $5.

This rule must be followed until the amount of capital increases to a more impressive one - then you can use 2% of its amount for each transaction.

That is, if you want to make a deal for $10, you need to have at least $250 on your deposit.

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