Binarium: Russian broker review and traders' reviews

Binarium: Russian broker review and traders' reviews
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Binarium (Binarium) is one of the most experienced players in the Russian market of brokerage services, as well as in the CIS countries, as one of the first to start providing brokerage services exclusively for residents of the CIS countries.

Brief overview of the broker binarium

The organization outperforms its multinational competitors with a more logical, understandable and user-friendly marketplace designed with Eastern European users in mind.

Binarium provides comprehensive support to beginners and experienced clients, including intensive training and information support of a sufficiently high quality.

Moreover, the company gives its new traders the opportunity to insure three trades for a more thoughtful and complete study of all the resources of its platform. Pleasantly surprised by the fastest withdrawal of money in the industry - up to 1 hour.

General information about the company


Binarium is a major broker providing binary options trading services.

Provides its clients with a wide range of tools to profit from fluctuations in the value of assets based on the analysis and detailed study of various aspects of market conditions.

This company is one of the first brokers in Russia and the CIS countries. For many years, she has made a lot of efforts to develop and improve the site, thanks to which she has gained vast experience and the trust of customers who are satisfied with the quality of the services offered and the terms of trade.

One of the key features of Binariun is that users do not download the site's tools to their computer's hard drive, all operations are performed using a web interface.

In addition to the main activity, the organization pays much attention to the training of new traders. A special section of the broker's website offers the opportunity to learn the basics and postulates of options trading.

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Moreover, it is favorably distinguished by the fast work of the support service, which provides assistance in case of technical problems, as well as in case of questions about market parameters and the functioning of financial instruments.


Binarium broker regulation

Binarium takes into account that the degree of trust in platforms increases in the presence of a regulator responsible for the legal and legitimate functioning of the company. Cysec is one of them.

This is a well-known and reliable Cypriot financial regulator. In addition, "Binarium" has a license of the domestic FRCFR.

System user maintenance settings

  • It is possible to register new customers online;
  • There is no demo account;
  • There is an online chat;
  • Russian version provided;
  • Customer support phone.

Trading parameters

  • Number of active assets: 120;
  • Maximum profitability of options: 85%;
  • Minimum account replenishment amount: $10;
  • Return of investments in case of loss: none;
  • Minimum bet size: $1;

Terms of trade

Binarium has a wide range of assets to work with:

  • indices;
  • currency pairs;
  • stock;
  • commodities.

The broker platform provides several options for asset trading:

  • binary options (classic: "Higher / Lower");
  • One Touch ("One touch");
  • option for 60 seconds (1 minute);
  • long-term;
  • couples;
  • option constructor.

Convenience of the site interface in demonstrating the assets most in demand among clients.

Traders who want to minimize possible losses willingly use a small minimum deposit and a convenient rate of $1, which allows them to have the right to make a mistake.

Regardless of the size of the investment and the chosen account, each trader receives a full range of services, including video tutorials, additional tutorials and materials.

Account types

Binarium broker account types

Not inferior to its competitors, Binarium offers a variety of account options, each of which meets different goals and capabilities of customers.

To start trading, “Micro” is suitable, which opens upon receipt of ten dollars. This account is available at any time and also provides access to training publications on site strategy.

In addition to it, it is provided:

  • "Premium" (500$ or 25,000 rubles);
  • "Business" (2000$ or 100,000 rubles);
  • "VIP" (from 10 000$).

Their use provides additional benefits to the client.

Premium account: allows you to apply more complex trading strategies, receive a welcome gift, a personal advisor, the possibility of insuring funds, preferential withdrawals, market behavior analytics and signal markers.

For VIP account holders, a personal strategy is created and market indicators are analyzed daily.

Larger clients have access to more comprehensive training materials that are not available in the public domain.

However, regardless of the status, the client can count on the support service by sending a message, calling or entering the chat. Timely advice is provided to everyone.

Opening a real account

To open an account in the system, you need to fill out a short form on the welcome page of the site. Having entered information about himself, the client registers, and can immediately start trading, having previously deposited money.

Registration in Binarium

You can also choose the account currency: EUR, USD or Ruble.

Some prefer not to go through verification, because they withdraw funds to the same resources from which the balance was replenished. However, the administration of the broker strongly recommends taking the time to this simple procedure in order to avoid possible difficulties.

Trading platform

Binarium trading platform

The fast work of Binarium employees allows the site to function quickly, continuously, without interruption. It was designed and implemented on the basis of SpotOption, a foreign leader in brokerage services for trading in financial assets.

Currently, Binarium does not have its own version of the mobile site, the user is tied to a PC, however, the platform is well adapted to all screen extensions, so there are no inconveniences when working on it.

The disadvantage is also compensated by the fact that the computer version includes an analytical resource for making objective and balanced decisions.

Core assets

A diverse list of provided assets is constantly updated. The client can find exactly the instrument that allows you to get the maximum profit, is the most effective and corresponds to the chosen trading strategy.

Among them:

  • classic currency pairs (USD/JPY/GBR/EUR/RUB);
  • shares of large domestic and foreign enterprises;
  • the most popular stock indexes.

Thanks to the previously presented resource of the most sought-after assets, making a choice becomes easier, safer and more profitable.

Type of options from Binarium

Standard - "higher / lower". It is difficult to call it classic, since Binarium has improved it.

Now all traders have the opportunity to open a position not only for 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour, but also for several days, months and before the end of the current year. Such a versatile solution allows this brokerage platform to stand out from others, trying to please even the most demanding traders.

The company strives to take into account all the suggestions and objections of customers.

Options for 60 seconds. This option, opening a deal for 60 seconds, is considered more risky.

Significant fluctuations, in this case, can have a strong impact on the size of losses or profits.

It is generally used by users experienced in short term forecasting to take advantage of the smallest price changes. Among them, this section of the platform is the most popular.

Also, it is possible to choose expiration for 90 seconds, 120 and 300 seconds.

"Pairs". A “pairs” option is an option that a trader opens simultaneously on two assets.

For example: gold and oil assets, or securities such as Facebook and Microsoft, the pairs can be different. The main task when trading pair options is to make a forecast about how the first asset will behave in relation to the second, or vice versa (which of the assets will increase in value, and which, on the contrary, will fall in value).

"One touch" or "one touch". The essence of the tool is to predict the behavior of the value of the underlying asset, which either touches the selected border during the transaction, or not.

This is the most profitable tool for generating profit on the site. It can provide up to 800% when making the right decision.

It requires an in-depth analysis of market conditions, therefore it remains one of the most difficult.

Options Constructor. The essence of the tool is to minimize risks as much as possible. Sets the minimum share of losses in case of an incorrect forecast and a similar level of profitability of the transaction.

This balanced approach is relatively innovative, and at the same time suitable for classical trading without significant losses.

In addition to them, the "Double Up" and "Rollover" functions. The first one doubles the deposited funds for a similar time interval (timeframe), the last price of the asset is taken as the starting point.

The second extends the expiration period by one more time. A necessary condition is that at the time of making a decision, the transaction must be in a loss zone.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Payment systems

To replenish a trading account, the following methods are used:

  • webmoney;
  • qiwi;
  • Yandex money;
  • Bank cards Visa and MasterCard.
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Neteller
  • Sberbank Online
  • Mobile commerce
  • China Unionpay

There is no commission for the receipt of money. Enrollment occurs instantly, while the withdrawal takes up to 1 banking day, depending on the chosen payment system.

The maximum amount for one deposit is 10 000$, the amount for withdrawal is not limited.

On-site training

The responsible approach of the Binarium broker to this issue allows clients to benefit from mutually beneficial cooperation with the company.

It has experienced traders, programmers and managers responsible for the correct operation of the platform.

They created a large section with a huge amount of material. There is even a separate book available in the "Special Course" section, in the "Learning Materials" tab. It describes in detail the various features of the trading platform.

Moreover, webinars are often held, the schedule of which is publicly available.

The information provided is provided not only in text format, but also in the form of video tutorials.

Trading strategies and expert opinions

The presence of 4 types of option transactions at once makes the Binarium platform extremely popular among a wide range of clients.

The platform meets their needs and preferences. The process uses both fundamental and technical analysis, modern strategies are tested.

The flexibility of the system allows you to encounter new signal markers and indicators, tactics, as well as learn from experts.

Pros and cons of cooperation with Binarium


  • Acceptable minimum deposit: the site provides an opportunity to start trading with as little as $10. Replenishment of the account is carried out in rubles, euros and British pounds sterling.
  • Deal insurance: the organization allows you to protect the first three transactions from losing. The amount of investment is returned in full after the expiration of the time of the transaction, which ended not in favor of the client.
  • System security: an ssl certificate equipped with an information encryption function is integrated into the company's resource. Payment details and other parameters are transmitted via the server in a modified form, and access to them is protected.
  • Unlimited withdrawal of profits from bonuses: as an incentive, the company transfers money to various customer accounts. At the same time, traders are not limited in their use.
  • The profit received from bonuses is withdrawn in the amount selected by the user. However, in order to cash them out, you need to achieve a significant turnover on your trading account.
  • Simplified procedure for verification and processing of requests from users from the CIS countries: no need to send copies of multiple documents to verify identity. When funds are withdrawn to the same account from which the transfer was made, verification is not required.


  • No demo account: a significant drawback for both beginners and those who would like to try out the system before starting real trading activity.
  • No practical mobile app: The web platform runs on a smartphone browser, but doesn't meet the basic requirements because it's not designed for small displays. But soon, as it turned out, the company still plans to launch a mobile platform, so this shortcoming will soon be corrected.

At the moment, our own proposal is only at the stage of planning and preliminary development.

Conclusion: expert opinion

According to numerous comments of professionals and specialists, despite some shortcomings, such as a problem with a demo account, Binarium makes a lot of efforts to ensure that the work of clients is comfortable and profitable, which causes respect.

In general, this is one of the best modern platforms in the domestic brokerage market and in the entire post-Soviet space.

Attention! This broker is no longer active! It is recommended to go to more advanced platform.

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