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Trading strategy on Yandex shares for binary options! The effectiveness of this technique reaches 80%, and with proper capital management, the growth of the deposit is inevitable.

By expanding the list of financial instruments, market participants have the opportunity to increase the potential for highly profitable binary options trading.

We are talking about the underlying assets of the securities market, and specifically in this article we will talk about the securities of Yandex Corporation.

The profitability of options here is low, reaching only 65 percent, in contrast to standard options trading assets. However, this exchange tool for binary options is still considered quite effective.

This is due to a slight degree of price changes and market forecast. In this article, we will talk about an indicator strategy for trading on Yandex shares with a profitability rate of 80 percent!

Technical Requirements of a Trading Strategy

Trading systems of the indicator type on stock market securities require certain conditions for the implementation of their work processes, such as:

  • Availability of quotes of the underlying asset - Yandex shares;
  • Trading terminal with a set of technical means;
  • Fast execution of transactions;
  • Loyal trading conditions that allow you to properly manage financial risks and capital.

Such a list of trading requirements should have a financial company that is your partner and helps you achieve high trading results.

If your marketplace does not offer such services, then I advise you to pay attention to this broker as one of the most efficient companies that provides such services through the following high quality services:

  • A wide range of financial assets, which include shares of different companies;
  • An excellent set of technical tools that are supported by the terminal of a financial company;
  • High speed of execution of transactions;
  • Optimal conditions for trading on the exchange, allowing you to trade at a rate of 50 rubles, replenishing your account with only 500 rubles.

When choosing such a broker, you can get a unique tool that increases the efficiency of trading.

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How to install technical indicators on the chart?

First of all, you need to open the Yandex stock price chart on company trading terminal.

Since the trading tactics is a multi-indicator system, we will set the following indicators for market analysis on the quote chart:

  • Moving Average technical indicator with period 25 and exponential construction type;
  • RSI technical indicator (standard settings);
  • MACD technical indicator (standard settings).

When these technical means are installed, the trading chart of the exchange asset looks like this:

Trading on Yandex shares

As a result, we get a system of trading signals that determines the trend direction, the places of trend reversals for corrections, as well as a change in trend direction.

Due to this, we get accurate trading signals in a favorable market situation.

Indicator strategy signals on Yandex shares

To buy a Put option, the signal must be formed in the following way:

A clear downward trend of the line on the RSI technical indicator;

Crossing of the line of the technical indicator MA by the quotes of the financial asset in the downward direction;

Crossing its own lines by the MACD oscillator down.

When indicators create such a combination, you can buy a down option:

Put option on Yandex shares

To buy a Call option, you need to wait for the formation of such a picture from the indicators:

A clear upward trend of the line on the RSI technical indicator;

Crossing the line of the technical indicator MA by the quotes of the financial asset in the upward direction;

Crossing its own lines by the MACD oscillator up.

If you see such a combination, then you can safely buy an increase option:

Put option on Yandex stock

Thanks to the use of such a trading approach on Yandex shares, you can get a good increase in your deposit account within one day.

According to statistics, the strategy creates about 20 trading signals per hour. As we noted above, the system can receive up to 80 percent of the profit.

Due to such trading statistics and trading trends, you can achieve an increase in the deposit by 100 percent per day!

Such a result is considered very high for a financial instrument with a low level of profitability.

Choosing an expiration level

A short period of price display and a high frequency of creating trading signals suggest the use of binary options in trading with a small time interval.

According to this system, the highest results are achieved when setting the expiration to 60 seconds.

Risk management: money management

The level of financial risks directly depends on the amount of funds under management. If the size of the deposit is not large, which is only 100 dollars, then the rates must be set at 5 dollars.

If the amount on the trading account is higher, then bets can be taken up to three percent of the deposit.

Apply strategy!

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