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All profit! Do you want to start trading on the financial markets, but are afraid of becoming a victim of scammers? Then read this review We checked the Kodertim project - reviews about it, its registration and regulation, to warn you of potential risks.

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Kodertim: customer reviews of the site, the legend

The Kodertim platform is reminiscent of many other projects that we have already blacklisted on binary-bets.ru.

Main project website:


The site has a simple structure, template design and standard visual style, and also contains almost no intelligible information. All of these are typical signs of fraudulent sites. The independent service also gave a low rating to this platform, which is fully in line with the efforts of the developers and the financial costs of the owners.

Cost of the Kodertim project
Cost of the Kodertim project

All information fit on the main page and has the following structure:

  • project logo offer
  • buttons "Login" and "Register", by clicking on which you will go to the authorization section;
  • information about the legal entity - the owner of the site, which we will check next.

Even one quick glance is enough to understand that the kodertim.com website, whose owners we are going to find reviews of today, almost completely copies already closed projects that were previously exposed on our platform. In fact, only the logo and the background screensaver were changed. Content and offer remain unchanged.

Such platforms, as we found out earlier, are used by pseudo-lawyers to scam users through the so-called "chargeback" procedure (return of funds stolen by fraudsters). What we are dealing with this time - we will clarify in more detail in the next chapter.

How Kodertim Works: Trader Testimonials and Legend

The project, the reviews of which we are reviewing today, offers to use their blockchain wallet, which is based on a cryptocurrency processing system that provides maximum anonymity. A rather vague offer, coupled with a recognizable “design” of the site, immediately aroused our suspicions and we decided to conduct a detailed check of this project.

Checking Kodertim: real reviews, registration and licenses

Note! All reviews we publish are based solely on our opinion. When writing reviews, we rely on information provided on the official websites of companies, data from registers and other independent sources, as well as reviews about brokers and other similar projects. If you have experience with this or similar companies, please share it in the comments.

Checking Kodertim

The site of the Kodertim project, reviews of which we are analyzing today, provides information that it belongs to some BLACKROCK registered in the USA.


We checked the CIK number against the official registry and actually found BLACKROCK, quite famous in their circles.

Checking the license of the broker Kodertim
Checking the license of the broker Kodertim

That's just how these guys relate to the heroes of our today's review - it's hard to say. The monitored site did not provide any documents, except for the number, which could easily be stolen from the open registry. That is why we tend to think that those who are behind the Kodertim platform just covered themselves with the name of a well-known office.

It is also noteworthy that the same CIK number is used by a number of scam broker projects, on which piles of revealing reviews have already been published on the network.

List of clones

That's how easily anyone can desecrate the name of a well-known organization, taking, at the same time, also the money of gullible customers.

Of course, this garbage dump does not have any licenses. There are still very few countries in the world that support crypto. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is no exception.

Checking the broker's license on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Checking the broker's license on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The age of this sharaga also does not inspire confidence. The Kodertim website was launched in June 2023, which in itself is cause for caution. After all, any experienced trader will tell you that contacting offices that have existed for less than a year is a sure way to losses.

The real age of Kodertim
The real age of Kodertim

Another alarming moment is the registration form on the Kodertim website. It has a line "Promo code" or "Referral number".

Registration form in the Kodertim project

This means that you can get into the project only by receiving this same code from the referrer. And who do you think will give it to you? Right! Your "reliable" lawyers who "help" scam victims get their money back. But, in fact, they cash in on someone else's grief, deceiving a second time.

Next, consider customer reviews about Kodertim, which describe the scheme of deception of this and other similar sites.

Real Reviews of Kodertim Broker: Money Back Scam Scam

Real reviews about Kodertim fully confirmed our words. The site is used in fraudulent schemes for "returning money from a broker." The algorithm of actions of scammers in it is simple, but effective.

  1. Crooks find victims of all kinds of Internet scams by buying out a database from unreliable brokers and organizers of financial pyramids (or they themselves organize such a kitchen, killing two birds with one stone - promoting naive traders for loot and getting their contact information for further manipulations).
  2. The victim of fraud is offered to return the money lost from the broker. And they assure that there are no risks. After all, the service is paid only after the fact.
  3. If a person agrees, pseudo-lawyers launch an imitation of violent activity, sending various “filkin letters” and reports for signature for several weeks.
  4. After some time, a black lawyer calls the victim and informs that the money has been returned to the account. But to maintain confidentiality, the amount is transferred to a crypto wallet. It is at this stage, as you might guess, that the victim of fraud is given the same promotional code for registration on a site like K
  5. Having logged into the account, the user discovers on the account the amount lost from the fraudster and even more. Beside himself with happiness, he transfers the promised commission for the return services to his "benefactors" in order to receive a code for withdrawing funds to his bank card. However, immediately after this, he discovers that all this beautiful amount turned out to be a painted dummy. No transactions can be made on this account. And from "professional" scammers lawyers by that time will get cold and the trace.

This is how gullible users get caught up in the double scam. Therefore, our advice to you is that even if you agreed to receive the dubious “chargeback” service, the success of which cannot be guaranteed by any professional lawyer, as soon as you are slipped a similar site, assuring that the money was returned there, you can safely merge. You will not get anything good from such a “return of lost money”.



There are several criteria by which we can determine whether we have a reliable company or scammers. The latter cannot meet these criteria, so they can be distinguished from reliable companies quite easily. Real reviews about Kodertim are just one of the reasons why we are sure that they are scammers. The table below summarizes other important factors confirming the unreliability of this company.

Criteria Answer
Official registration No
Regulation No
Use of fake/foreign registration/regulation information Yes
License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No
Project start date June, 2023
Site rating 1 rub.
Reviews A little. But they are also negative.

Our check showed that the reviews about Kodertim are real. We recommend avoiding cooperation with Kodertim and those people who send you referral links and codes for authorization in this project.

We also advise you to watch our short but informative video about how to identify a scammer, even if you don't have reviews of the brokers you are going to work with yet.

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