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All profit! If you have lost money in a scam and are looking for legal assistance, it is probably important for you to contact reliable and competent specialists. However, there are companies that use their professional reputation to deceive customers. Such is the story of the TEMIS fraudulent lawyers, whose scams are all over the internet.

Do you want to know how to withdraw money from a TEMIS broker that has received negative reviews from real people? Fill out the form and you will receive detailed and effective instructions on how to actually return funds from scammers to your e-mail.

Learn how to withdraw money

TEMIS: customer reviews of the site, legend

The TEMIS platform is very similar to other projects that we have already blacklisted on binary-bets.ru.

Main project site:


The structure of the site is primitive, the design is template and the visuals are stock, and specific or unique information is missing. These are all signs that scammers usually use on their sites. The independent service also gave this resource a low rating, which is in line with the efforts of the developers and the investment of the owners.

TEMIS project cost
TEMIS project cost

All content is divided into such blocks of the main page and menu sections:

  • offer and consultation order form;
  • another form of feedback;
  • information about what a chargeback is;
  • information about the types of companies from which TEMIS will be able to return the money;
  • another form to fill out;
  • difficulties in self-recovery of lost funds;
  • Benefits;
  • cooperation scheme;
  • and again a feedback form;
  • return schemes that don't work;
  • habitual form;
  • answers to frequently asked questions;
  • and again online form.

Already at this stage, you can see how much our heroes want to sell their services. Otherwise, why on the main page alone there are more than 5 identical forms for ordering an online consultation?

Although, it is worth paying tribute, the site temis-urist.ru, reviews of which we are analyzing today, is somewhat different from other similar sites. At least, we have not yet seen proposals for filing a collective complaint. Although, it is highly likely that this is just the desire of the organizers of the next scam to rebuild from such offices and sell the victim the old "g ..." in a new wrapper.

How TEMIS Works: Trader Reviews and the Legend

Brokers in investments, reviews of which we are considering today, offer legal support for the procedure for returning money from unscrupulous counterparties by filing a collective complaint. Thanks to this scheme, the company promises not only a full refund of the lost amount, but also compensation for moral damage. The whole process will take 1-2 months. And payment for legal services can be made later. It's just a holiday, isn't it?

TEMIS helps recover money from dishonest service providers such as:

  • forex brokers;
  • crypto-exchanges and exchangers;
  • binary options brokers;
  • online casino;
  • bookmakers;
  • banks;
  • online stores;
  • financial pyramids.

To start cooperation, you need to order a free consultation, after which the work algorithm will be based on a simple step-by-step algorithm.

  1. Evaluation of your situation by a qualified lawyer, predicting the outcome.
  2. Collection of documents according to the checklist.
  3. Sending applications and a package of documents to the bank to complete the chargeback procedure.
  4. Obtaining a bank decision and SMS on the return of funds.

It just seems to us that in reality everything is far from being as rosy as it is described by TEMIS. We conducted an audit of this company and identified several signs of its dishonesty at once.

TEMIS broker check: real reviews, registration and licenses

Note! All comments and reviews in our reviews are solely our opinion. We write reviews based on information provided on the official website of the company, data from state registries and other independent sources, as well as reviews about brokers and similar projects. If you have experience with this company, please share it in the comments.

TEMIS verification

The broker company, reviews of which we are analyzing today, is registered in Veliky Novgorod, as evidenced by the information in the footer of their main page.

Contacts TEMIS

We even found information about the legal entity of the same name in the Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities, where not only the name of the company coincided, but also its address, as well as the type of activity.

TEMIS Registration Check

But there is only one "But". The date of registration of a real-life organization is September, 2022. But the site of our observers appeared only in May 2023. Moreover, the domain is rented for only a year. And what will happen to him next - no one knows.

The real age of TEMIS
The real age of TEMIS

Usually serious organizations buy a domain name for at least four years. In addition, it is not clear why the TEMIS website appeared only six months after the registration of a legal entity. And even if we assume that the company has been swinging in its activities for a long time, then how can you trust lawyers whose work experience is less than a year?

The answer to all these questions with a probability of 99% can only be one thing - our heroes, as befits decent scammers, decided to give weight to their sharaga and stole the data of a real-life organization from an open registry.

The fact that we are dealing with a fake TEMIS company is also confirmed by reviews from real customers who have already had the imprudence to contact them.

Real reviews about the broker TEMIS

Based on the reviews about TEMIS LLC, which we found and analyzed, our guesses are not unfounded. Users are complaining that this office is working in conjunction with fraudulent organizations that not only deceive customers, but also leak their contacts to their fake law office.

The algorithm of actions of scammers in such a scheme is simple and effective.

  1. The deceived victim of the scam is offered to return the lost funds, assuring that this will happen without any risks. After all, they take payment only after the return.
  2. If a person agrees, the scammers begin to conduct visible activity, sending him various “official documents” and reports for his signature within a few weeks.
  3. After that, the scammers send a message to the victim and assure that the money has been returned to her account. They clarify that in order to maintain confidentiality and security, the amount was transferred to a crypto wallet. Usually this crypto wallet is a blank website with minimal information about the financial company and a template design.
  4. When the victim logs into his account on this very crypto wallet, he discovers that the account contains not only the lost amount, but even more. She gleefully transfers the promised refund fee to her "sponsors" in order to receive a code to withdraw funds to her bank card. However, after paying the commission, she discovers that all this beautiful amount turns out to be only virtual money that cannot be withdrawn to a real account. By the time she realizes this, any attempts to contact "honest lawyers" remain futile.

Users also noted that the office skillfully covers its tracks, calling from different numbers and presenting itself either as one company or as its “branch”.

It is extremely important to be careful not to fall for such schemes in order to avoid new financial losses and disappointment.

As proof, here is a review we found on the net.

TEMIS reviews
TEMIS reviews


There are a number of company reliability criteria that scammers simply cannot meet. That is why, a variety of scammers always “fire” on almost the same thing. The handy table below summarizes the top reasons why financial broker reviews TEMIS - negative.

Criteria Answer
Official registration No
Use of fake/foreign registration/regulation information Yes. The date of creation of the legal entity in the registry and the age of the domain did not match.
Project start date May, 2023
Site rating 8 rub.
Reviews A little. And those are negative.

Our check showed that the reviews about TEMIS are real. If you need legal assistance, it is recommended that you contact reliable, qualified and trusted professionals, and not those who give 100% guarantees where they simply cannot be.

By the way, we recorded for you a short but capacious video about how to identify a scammer, even if your brokers do not yet have reviews. This information will help you avoid situations when you need a lawyer to recover money from a scam.

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