How to earn 500$ in 10 minutes? Well, of course - only Binary Options on the news!

How to earn 500$ in 10 minutes? Well, of course - only Binary Options!
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Testing binary options in news trading still exceeds all expectations! Trading was carried out on the news for only one day on two events, the total was +1400$!

It is on binary options that you can afford such a quick income. Compared to classic Forex trading, this is probably the only disadvantage in Forex, that there is no such ultra-fast income.

What is the essence of binary options in general?

On BO, you can bet on the growth or fall of some trading asset. Everything is there: currency pairs, stocks, commodities and metals with cryptocurrencies.

For example, you bet 50$ on the fact that the pound sterling will skyrocket within 5 minutes, and if your prediction is correct, you will receive a reward. The percentage of profit there is fixed immediately at the time of the transaction, on average it is 70% of the bet amount.

But if you made a mistake in the forecast, you lose the entire amount that you invested, so you need to be careful.

How can you earn?

Now we will tell you what trading tactics can be used to disperse a deposit on binary options in 10-15 minutes with minimal risks!

In general, trading on binary options is difficult, because in order to get a guaranteed profit, you need good volatility and you can just get it at the time of the release of important news.

To do this, you need to look at this economic calendar

The most important news is marked with three bull heads (they are colored red), this is the best option, the price at the time of the release of such events literally explodes and rushes towards the opening of the transaction.

Why? Yes, because we will watch the output of the actual value - the main thing is to have time to open a deal in the right direction in time!

This is how we managed to disperse the deposit by replenishing it with this broker only for the minimum amount of 1000$, though it took a month, but it was worth it.

Remember! The larger your initial deposit, the faster you can accelerate it to a decent amount.

Open an account ⇢

So let's get started! To get started, set your time zone on the calendar and see if there are any important upcoming news.

In this case, we have local time news for the euro: Manufacturing PMI, you can trade on the EUR/USD pair (so that the pair also has something liquid, such as the dollar).

It remains only to wait! While you can go to trading floor and check everything.

Important! Be sure to check the Internet connection and the functioning of the broker's trading platform at least 15 minutes before the news.

But first, let's take a look at how deals are opened in general, what to look at and where to click?

How to trade on the news?

It is important for us to see the ACTUAL value of the news as soon as possible, if the fact is greater than the previous one, then the price will begin to rise, if it is less, it will fall.

Our task is to have time to buy the option as soon as the data comes out! As a rule, they are marked with a color:

  • If a red — means this news is negative and the price may fall;
  • If a green - means positive and the price may start to rise;
  • If it remains black, then it is neutral.

But in most cases, the price also rises with neutral values, apparently minor deviations, or even if the news without changes favorably affects the economy (but this is not the case with all news). Therefore, for beginners, it is recommended to take only negative and positive data.

Remember! As soon as you see the published actual data in red, you should immediately start buying options for a fall and, during corrective upward movements, buy additional options for a fall. The expiration time here is usually enough for 5 minutes.

If the news is green, you need to buy up options. The more options you can buy, the higher the chance of making a profit.

Why buy multiple options? This is how we minimize possible risks, the more options are bought, the greater the percentage of profit we will receive.

Therefore, you do not need to put the entire amount in one option at once, it is better to divide into many (you can use the minimum available amount) and redeem them at the best price.

Important! You need to buy new options only on correction, if the price goes up steadily without kickbacks (for example, after positive news) – it’s too late to buy more!

At the time of the news release, you need to watch the clock yourself and watch the price reaction to the news, since the data release is always a little late in the calendar, the price reacts much faster and this can be seen from its behavior.

Life Hack! The price does not always react in the direction of the expected news, so you need to wait for the released data.

Usually, the price starts some kind of sharp movement in about 30 seconds, and if the actual value goes the opposite way, you still need to buy options based on this data. You can even wait until the price stops and start buying for 5 minutes.

Make money on news ⇢

For example, even before the release of the news, you see that the price starts to fall sharply, we wait until the data comes out and if we see that they are positive, we start buying UP! If the data matches, then we take it for a REDUCTION (preferably from a rollback)!

It is necessary to determine the first sharp movement and start buying and gaining options from rollbacks already in its direction - this is if the reaction coincides with the actual data.

In general, making money on the news can be a very profitable business, but only if it concerns binary options, it is dangerous to play such a game on Forex, since you cannot work without stops, and if you put a stop, it can be knocked down in 50% cases.

What news has the best effect on price behavior?

In general, you can trade on any news, the main thing is that it be strong.

The only nuance - it happens that several news for one currency are released at once, others may not be so important, but the data is different.

If there is only one Important news, then we take into account the data only from it, if there are several main news and the actual data differ, then you need to look at the nature of the price behavior and also how much the numbers differ for both news. If you are a beginner, then you can simply take the news for which there are no conflict situations.

Important! It is best to trade on the news only on TOP trading platforms, such as THISnot to be afraid for the safety of your funds!

An example of news that can be traded (only the important ones):

  1. Employment change
  2. Retail Sales
  3. Number of building permits issued
  4. FRB Manufacturing Index
  5. Consumer price index
  6. Core retail sales index
  7. Sales in the secondary housing market
  8. Manufacturing PMI
  9. Rate on deposit funds
  10. ECB Monetary Policy Statement
  11. Basic Durable Goods Orders

Worst of all, some entries are worked out, they influence, of course, but with a very long delay, since some more global changes in the trend have more effect. We, on the other hand, need only a short-term impulse to conclude a successful transaction on binary options.

What pairs can be traded on the news?

All news is mainly published in: USD, NZD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CHF and RUB.

  • If the news was released on the US dollar, then we take the USD/JPY pair (the dollar and the yen are traded best in such cases);
  • For the New Zealand dollar, we naturally take a pair of NZD / USD;
  • For the Canadian dollar, we take: CAD / JPY;
  • For the euro, you can take: EUR/USD or EUR/JPY;

As you understand, when trading on the news, it is best that in the pair the currency (for which the news should be released) is at the beginning, for example, if the news is for the pound, then we take GBP / USD, etc.

News trading example

In our case, the actual data on the first little significant news came out positive, on the next - negative. You can also trade on those where there are only 2 bull heads, that is, which are of average importance in terms of importance:

The price responds well to such news, and therefore, it is simply stupid to miss such an opportunity.

Here are the transaction results:

At the beginning, the price jumped on positive news, and even if the jump was even before the news, then after the release of the data, you can still have time to buy an option, because after the release of the data, the price still goes some distance.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that all traders trade on the news in the same way and react all together, but with some delay.

You don't see all options here, because only the last 10 options are displayed in the statistics. With one piece of news, at a rate of 50$, the net profit is somewhere around 300-500$.

Out of 20 options, about 2-3 go into the red, usually those that are bought first, but not always.

Therefore, you need to take a lot of options, at least 10-20. Then the profit becomes almost guaranteed!

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