Main news of the day: Macron's victory in the elections in France led to a rise in the euro

Main news of the day: Macron's victory in the elections in France led to a rise in the euro
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Macron's victory in the elections in France led to the growth of the euro, which reached a six-month high!

In France, the independent candidate Emmanuel Macron won the presidential election by a landslide.

Macron edged ahead of Marine Le Pen with over 65% of popular votes.

The outcome of the French elections calmed those who were worried about the future of the EU. As the threat of France's exit from the EU was over with Le Pen's defeat, the euro rallied in morning trading to a six-month high.

After that, many traders hurried to take profits, which led to some depreciation.

The outcome of the elections promises good prospects for a number of other financial market instruments, in particular for those that can grow on the strengthening of the euro and increased stability in Europe.

Main topic of the day: Rise in world markets

Asian markets rose on the news from France. This morning several regional indexes registered an increase. The gainer was led by the Japanese Nikkei, which added over 2.3%.

Bitcoin continues to move up. On Friday, its rate almost reached $1590, but then there was a reversal and the cryptocurrency fell slightly in value. Nevertheless, the uptrend continues, and Bitcoin can reach the next important mark at $1600.

Gold restores lost positions. Last week, gold quotes fell by 3%, but this morning the demand for it rose again: investors considered the current price level to be profitable for opening positions and including this protective asset in their portfolios.

Oil is rising in value against the background of discussions on the extension of the OPEC agreement. This morning, the price of black gold rose by more than 1.2% due to a possible extension of the OPEC agreement to cut oil production.

Successful completion of the week for the US market. On Friday, the three major US indices ended trading in the green zone. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 set new records, while Apple's shares hit all-time highs.

If the current uptrend, formed on the background of Macron's election victory, continues, then this may be another favorable factor for US markets.

Europe opens up. Macron's victory in the elections in France had a positive impact on the dynamics of European financial markets, which ended the week in positive territory. FTSE, DAX and CAC added 23, 85 and 40 points respectively.

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