Top news for 03/06/2017: Interest rates may increase next week in the US

Main news on 06.03.2017
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The main topic of the day: Next week, interest rates may increase in the US.

The American market ended the week in positive territory

The words of the head of the Fed Janet Yellen, who convinced the market that an increase in interest rates is possible next week, inspired investors with optimism. As a result, the auction ended in the green zone.

The US dollar is losing ground

Despite Yellen's comment, at the beginning of today's trading on Asian markets there was a depreciation of the US dollar against many other currencies.

On Friday, statistics on the number of new jobs in non-farm industries in the US are released, which may increase the volatility of the dollar during the week.

The depreciation of the dollar is forcing investors to switch to gold

Still acting as a reliable asset, gold is growing in value against the backdrop of a weakening US currency.

The price of other precious metals also rose, including silver, platinum and palladium. Copper bears losses.

The actions of Russian oil producers contribute to lower oil prices

Despite participating in the OPEC deal to reduce oil production, the Russian Federation, judging by the latest data, does not reduce the volume of energy production, which leads to a fall in prices for black gold and causes concern among investors.

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In Asia, traders are cautious

Political tension in the region is connected with the launch of ballistic missiles in North Korea, three of which fell on the territory of the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

This event gave rise to anxiety in the financial markets, which manifested itself in the multidirectional trading at the opening of stock exchanges.

Retail sales statistics are a positive driver for the Australian market

A report released last night shows a 0.4% increase in Australian retail sales. The result was a rise in the ASX 200, which at the close of trading was 0.24%.

GM is selling its European brand

Peugeot has agreed to buy out the American-owned Opel brand for $$2.33 billion.

Europe starts the day lower

FTSE, DAX and CAC sank 19, 56 and 12 points respectively.

Deutsche Bank prepares to implement tough recovery measures

After a difficult period, Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest financial institution, intends to issue additional shares.

The issue, as a result of which the bank plans to raise about $8.5 billion, is scheduled for March 21.

In addition, there will be major changes in the composition of the bank's management.

Over the past year and a half, the value of its shares has declined significantly, which was the result of numerous litigations in the US and Europe, which ended with Deutsche Bank paying billions in fines and laying off thousands of employees.

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