Simple profitable binary options strategy: Mega Moving

Simple profitable binary options strategy: Mega Moving
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Simple profitable binary options strategy: Mega Moving using the popular alligator indicator!

To your attention is a professional and very effective method of option trading called Mega Moving.

This trading system is based on the work of a profitable indicator for binary options: Bollinger Waves and on its auxiliary technical analysis indicator, which filters trading signals for opening trading positions - this is the Alligator technical indicator.

Thanks to this combination of technical means, you can get very clear trading signals and a high level of profit, which will very quickly allow you to achieve a significant increase in the trading deposit.

How to properly set up a template with indicators?

To create a trading template for trading, you can use this live chart for binary options or you can go directly to online platform, where you can apply different technical indicators right on the chart and immediately conclude deals without being distracted and without jumping from one tab to another.

On site FinMax using a set of technical indicators integrated into the trading software, you can install Bollinger Bands and an alligator for binary options on the trading chart of absolutely any available exchange asset for trading.

In addition, this site offers good conditions for trading on the options market: you can make bets from one dollar, and it is enough to replenish the deposit in the amount of $10, which in turn is very beneficial for newcomers to the exchange market.

Strategy in action

Now let's install two technical indicators on our trading chart: Bollinger Bands and Alligator. As a result, we will get a price chart with a working space that helps to analyze the situation on the market with the following view:

Setting up a template with indicators in a trading technique

Why do we need an additional insurance technical indicator? Everything is very simple!

This is due to the fact that Bollinger Waves in binary options cannot constantly show us the moments of a quotation reversal, especially when the quotes of a financial product approach the central moving average of a technical indicator, or in the event of its breakdown.

In the classical understanding of the use of the Bollinger Waves technical indicator, a breakout of the middle line indicates a trend reversal, however, in this way, quotes of an exchange instrument do not always behave:

Bollinger Bands

It is for this kind of filtering of fluctuations that contribute to huge losses that we use an additional alligator technical indicator for binary options.

It is used so that we can catch the moment of a trend reversal in case one of the boundaries of the Bollinger price channel touches, or in case of a breakdown of its average Moving Average.

When we have installed technical indicators, we should change their standard settings in this way:

Settings for the Alligator indicator:

  1. Teeth - by 10;
  2. Jaws - by 15;
  3. Lips - 7.

For Bollinger - period 40.

Trading signals

Now our trading methodology for binary options is fully prepared to work and create trading signals that will look like this:

Options buy signals CALL↑:

1. When the lower level of the Bollinger Waves technical indicator touches, the quotes of the exchange asset reverse and start moving in the upward direction;

2. Movings cross UP, which in turn confirms a change in the trend direction through the Alligator technical indicator.

With a long-term growth of the trend, we open on broker terminal deal UP:

Signals to buy CALL options

Signals for buying options PUT↓:

1. When the upper level of the Bollinger Waves technical indicator touches, the quotes of the exchange asset turn around and start moving in a downward direction;

2. The movings cross DOWN, which, in turn, confirms a change in the trend direction through the Alligator technical indicator.

With a long-term growth of the trend, we open on broker terminal deal WAY DOWN:

Binomo broker terminal transaction DOWN

Thus, we have a clear understanding that we are not using fast (short-term) local price corrections for trading, but a completely new, just emerging trend movement of quotations.

And this, of course, contributes to a significant reduction in financial risks and obtaining guaranteed profitable transactions!

Trading account management

Bollinger waves in binary options are distinguished by their high accuracy of trading signals, but we still secured ourselves with the Alligator trend technical indicator.

So, we were able to increase the level of efficiency of trading tactics, but there is no need to risk funds from the trading deposit.

For small deposits, it is not recommended to use more than 3x% risk per 1 trade, and with a solid deposit, of course, % risk can already be increased in order to earn more.


As for the timing of the execution of trading positions, we set them in the time interval from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. This period is optimal for achieving a guaranteed income.

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