Simple strategy for 60 seconds: Trend Jump

Simple strategy for 60 seconds: Trend Jump
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60 Seconds Strategy: Trend Jump is the easiest way to make a profit on binary options for a novice trader!

The strategy uses approaches to the formation of technical analysis forecasts in conjunction with additional signals of insurance indicators.

The multi-signal strategy leads to high trading efficiency and brings an average of 150% of profit during the trading week. At the same time, the system is characterized by high performance, cyclical signals and simplicity.

Broker for trading on the strategy of 60 seconds

This requirement of using a trading system, and indeed the right choice of a company for cooperation in the options market, cannot be ignored. Indeed, a large part of your result depends on the broker’s tools, its services and services, as well as on the legality of its activities.

Imagine that you have chosen a company for trading that offers a terminal without built-in analysis tools and with limited technical potential, trading conditions that are initially aimed at losing a deposit by a trader and, at the same time, the broker has no legal grounds for operating in your country.

What result can you think of? Considering such problems, the choice of a broker becomes a fundamental factor for profitable trading.

As an optimal option for a brokerage company, one can now consider only this with high-quality innovative services and progressive approaches to the provision of brokerage services, among which stand out such as:

  • Own high-tech terminal, designed specifically for binary trading, which has built-in graphical and automatic analysis tools, there are options for formatting a trading chart, viewing history and changing the display of quotes.
  • Trading conditions, the minimum values of which contribute to the effectiveness of trading and risk management. So the company offers a minimum value of transactions at the level of 1 dollar and a minimum value of the initial trading deposit at the level of 10 dollars!
  • The company has a license from the FRCFR regulator, which fully guarantees the safety of the client's investments.

In addition, a wide range of support services allows the market participant to develop professionally and also increases the effectiveness of trading.

60 second trading system template

For the strategy to work, it is necessary to install EMA indicators (moving average with the construction type Exponential) on the chart of the underlying asset with a frequency of plotting movings of 3,5,10,20 (color the indicator lines in different colors for convenience).

Then, using the graphical service, plot the trend level on the chart (resistance or support depending on the price direction). As a result, the following markup is formed on the chart:

A simple strategy for 60 seconds

Signals for 60 seconds for this strategy

Due to the accuracy and duration of the signal, the trading system allows you to draw up a series of contracts, which has a good effect on the effectiveness of trading and the amount of profit.

For binary option UP The signal to trade is the following construction:

Touching the price and the line of the EMA indicator 3 trend levels.

Crossing upwards of movings with periods of 10 and 20 lines of the EMA indicator with periods of 3 and 5.

The signal for the execution of additional contracts UP is the divergence of the moving averages between themselves:

CALL signal option for 60 seconds

For binary option WAY DOWN trade signal is:

Touching the price and the line of the EMA indicator 3 trend levels.

Crossing downwards of movings with periods of 10 and 20 lines of the EMA indicator with periods of 3 and 5.

The signal for the execution of additional DOWN contracts is the divergence of the moving averages between themselves:

Signal PUT option for 60 seconds

An additional signal for trading is the breakdown of the trend level by price quotes and the crossing of the specified level by the lines of the EMA indicator.

In turn, this situation is also a signal for rebuilding the trend level:

Breakout of the trend level according to the strategy

Money management

Taking into account the fact of using high-cycle signals of the Trend Jump trading system in conjunction with 60-second turbo options, we need to clearly determine the level of trading risks that allow us to trade binary options in a consistently profitable mode.

In this matter, we will be helped by the conditions set at a decent level at this broker.

The optimal trading mode with minimal losses would be to use the minimum value of $5 for contracts to be executed. Of course, when trading on large deposits, the risk level can be increased up to 3% of the amount of funds in the account.

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