Simple trending strategy on a live chart

Simple trending strategy on a live chart
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This is one of the simplest and most understandable, both in terms of setting up and further use, trading systems, which, nevertheless, shows high efficiency in practice.

It involves the use of three indicators from the standard set in live chart:

• Awesome Oscillator (standard settings);
• Moving average (period 12);
• Stochastic (parameters: 12, 3, 3).

Like other trending systems, this one is more accurate and profitable than those that rely on bounces or trend reversals.

In this case, it is necessary to follow the moving average, which indicates in which direction the trend is going.

After breaking through it, you should definitely make sure that the trend has really changed, and only after that buy the option.

Basic moments:

— Intuitive operation;
— Functioning on all time frames and assets;
— No indicator redrawing, the entire history is available for viewing;
- A small number of signals - good profitability.

Definition of signals

Option buying algorithm UP:

Signal up trending strategy

1. We are waiting for the moving average to be broken from the bottom up;
2. We make sure that the stochastic will certainly leave the oversold zone;
3. At the same time, the oscillator was heading to the positive zone in the second basement;
4. We buy an option on a new candle for one or two candles.

Option buying algorithm WAY DOWN:

Option Down Strategy

1. Monitor when the moving average is broken from top to bottom;
2. We are convinced that the stochastic has been in the overbought area;
3. We control that the oscillator goes into the negative zone in the second basement;
4. We buy an option for one or two candles on a new candle.

The undoubted advantage of this system is the high-quality signals obtained with its help, although their number is very small.

When using it, you must keep emotions under control and follow the entry rules.

On this system, it is allowed to use risk management for no more than 4 percent of the total deposit amount when buying one option.

It is worth resorting to martingale exclusively on a new signal, although when trading using this system, it is completely optional to connect it.

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