How to choose a trading strategy for Binary Options?

How to choose a trading strategy for Binary Options?
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A list of the latest and best strategies that are ideal for a beginner, as well as some completely professional trading tactics!

Types of strategies

Binary options strategies are divided into 2 main types:

  • Expiration time. For many (especially beginners), the duration of the option is first of all important, how long to buy the option? Most strategies are usually universal, but there are specially tailored for a certain time period.
  • Graph view. There are indicator strategies (signals based on readings from indicators) and non-indicator strategies (the analysis is carried out on a bare chart using price behavior and bars or candles).

Indicator Strategies

Beginners generally give preference to Indicator strategies, since they are quite easier to trade with. There are special signal indicators.

I work indicator strategies in special trading terminals or you can use this online chart. Of the programs, only two can be distinguished: MT4 and MT5, the rest of the software is too complicated to understand and not suitable for beginners.

The only caveat is that 99% of all popular indicators on the market are made for the MT4 program and they simply will not work in MT5.

Therefore, in order to work on indicator strategies, you will first need to familiarize yourself with the MT4 trading terminal.


A bare chart is already for "Gourmets" or for those who are tired of indicators and want to try something else. To learn how to read a naked price chart, you need to know Japanese candlesticks and bars. To do this, you need to master the analysis of Japanese candlesticks and bars.

But for such an analysis to be effective, it is necessary to be able to find the main levels (which work), build channels and be able to work with the trend.

Also, other tools work great in trading on a bare chart without indicators, for example: Fibonacci, Gann levels, etc.

Lists of all BO strategies

If you are tired of looking for the best strategy and you no longer know what to do and which one would suit you, check out the full list of all strategies for binary options.

A selection of the best indicator strategies

Do you like trading with indicators? Do you like constantly testing something new and putting interesting and effective indicators on the chart?

Then you definitely need to check out The best set of indicator strategies! (only for MT4), you can also get acquainted with other indicator systems for online graphics.

All non-indicator strategies

Hate a crowded chart with indicators? Do you want to learn bare chart trading?

Then you just need to master: Japanese Candlestick Analysis and Bar Chart Analysis, also see the Best Collection of Non-Indicator Strategies and be sure to learn Level Analysis, Chart Patterns and Putters. This will help you: Strategies by levels.

Only scalping strategies for 1-5 minutes!

Interested in binary options scalping? Do you want to trade short-term options with expiration from 60 seconds to 5 minutes?

Then see: List of the best strategies for 60 seconds!

Trend Strategies

Like to trade with the trend? Do you want to buy options with a guaranteed profit?

Try: The best proven trending and channel trading strategies.

Flat strategies

Do you constantly see a flat on the chart? Do not know how to take profit in the sideways?

Check out our specially selected: Strategies for trading in Flat!

Trading by Levels

Like to catch bounces and take from pullbacks from major levels and buy options on breakouts?

Then you should check out Strategies by levels, Trading on the breakdown of levels, as well as Reversal and Corrective strategies.

News trading

Probably the best strategy for beginners! For this type of trading, not only indicators are not needed, but the analysis of prices, charts and candles is not even necessary here.

In news trading, the emphasis is on the readings of major news releases. The deposit can be raised "just spit at once", if you have at least 200$ account - you can safely try!

See: How to learn how to earn 500$ in 10 minutes on news trading!

… and here are some of the best news trading selections:

  1. 426$ on UK news;
  2. 510$ for Euro news;
  3. 808$ on news from Australia;
  4. 2485$ on only one Non-Farm Payrolls news;
  5. An example of trading on Nonfarm Payroll news;
  6. How to trade oil on the news;

Also be sure to read: How to choose the right expiration time

And here is another selection of new interesting strategies:

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