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We propose to consider the combined multi-indicator strategy Profi Signal, which demonstrates a high level of efficiency in binary options.

The system is characterized by a pronounced trading signal and allows you to get high profitability statistics, on average, 85% binary options positions are closed with a positive result.

The system uses a number of technical indicators with different settings and types of market analysis, which allows you to filter out false entry signals and place a contract with a high probability of making a profit.

Technical and trading requirements of the system

As an example for trading, consider this broker, which meets all the needs of market participants and offers a wide range of high-quality trading services that are just necessary for using the Profi Signal binary options trading system:

  • Trading terminal with support for technical indicators;
  • Highly liquid options and a wide range of underlying assets;
  • Daily auxiliary analytics in the form of analysis and overview of the markets of popular assets;
  • Trading conditions, according to which a market participant can access trading with investments of $10, as well as a minimum value of $1 options, which contributes to the proper management of trading risks;
  • High speed of processing requests for withdrawal of funds - up to 24 hours!

List of trading strategy indicators

To build a Profi Signal trading system template, we need to install the following list of indicators on the trading chart of the underlying asset:

  • Moving Average: Exponential type, period 20 (color blue);
  • Moving average: Exponential type, period 12;
  • Standard RSI indicator;
  • Standard MACD indicator.

The working markup template for the Profi Signal binary options trading system on the quotes chart looks like this:

Multi-strategy binary options Profi Signal

Profi Signal Strategy Signals

We carry out the execution of a binary option UP on the identification of such a list of signals of the indicator strategy:

1. The moving average indicator lines have crossed in the upward direction;

2. The MACD indicator confirmed the reversal of quotes by crossing the oscillator's movings upwards and plotting the histogram bars above the axial line;

3. On the RSI indicator, the line shows an upward trend of building.

If all the listed signals from the indicators match, we buy an option call

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Signal up binary options strategy

We carry out the execution of a binary option DOWN on the identification of such signals from indicators:

1. The lines of the moving average indicators have crossed in the downward direction;

2. The MACD indicator confirmed the reversal of quotes by crossing the oscillator's moving down and built the histogram bars below the axial line;

3. On the RSI indicator, the line shows a downward trend of building.

If all of the above signals match, then buy the option Put

Signal Down Binary Options Strategy

The combination of such signals from the indicators of the system allows you to get a clear signal to enter the market with a sufficient duration of action.


This allows you to use options in binary trading with an expiration range from 60 seconds to 15 minutes.


It will be most effective to use a series of contracts with different expiration periods. Thus, the market participant diversifies risks and gets a good result of trading profitability.

Money management

The Profi Signal binary options trading system is not ideal, only this strategy is ideal, therefore it brings a certain number of unprofitable trading positions.

In order to minimize losses and properly manage capital, as well as risks, it is necessary to use contracts in trading, the cost of which will not significantly affect the trading result.

The level of maximum risks for one transaction must be set at the level of 3% of the amount of working capital, or use contracts with the lowest possible value offered by this broker on your terminal.

This risk management mode allows you to consistently earn income on binary options.

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