BalanceMarket 2.0 Expert Advisor - profit 10-20% per month!

BalanceMarket 2.0 Expert Advisor - profit 10-20% per month!
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The BalanceMarket 2.0 Expert Advisor brings an average of 10-20% of profit every month. Such a trading robot is a good solution for a novice trader.

This adviser works in the MT4 program, you can read about how to install the adviser in the metatrader program in this instructions, and now let's return to the description of the adviser itself.

Here is a visual graph of the profitability of the trading robot:

Expert Advisor Profitability

So what is a BalanceMarket 2.0 Expert Advisor?

This Expert Advisor works according to the strategy of one successful trader who has been trading in profit since 2003 and has never merged!

You do not need to understand all the intricacies of stock trading, know technical or even fundamental analysis, all you need is to install and configure the adviser according to special instructions!

Which broker is better to trade with this adviser?

Recommended broker for automated trading of course Alpari!

How many pairs does the EA trade on?

The EA trades on 4 major currency pairs, including futures!

The market is constantly changing, will I need to rebuild my EA?

No, the adviser itself adjusts to any changes in the market situation - there is a special strategy for that!

How does an adviser open a deal?

Unlike a person, this trading robot is devoid of emotional outbursts and it does not rush into every trade at the slightest signal. The robot opens an order only when there is a certain balance in the market and there is a high probability of profit.

Profitability of the BalanceMarket 2.0 Expert Advisor?

The average profitability of the advisor is 10-20% per month and 50-70% per year.

Tired of trading manually? Do you want to transfer all the routine work to someone who will do it for you?

Then your choice is the BalanceMarket 2.0 trading robot!

See how much the adviser earned in 2014:

Forex advisor profitability

And here is the EA's profitability chart for 13 years of trading:

Profitability of a forex advisor for 13 years

Do you still think that auto trading is not for you?

Even if you know how to trade manually using forex strategies — the trading robot will become an insurance of your capital in case!

If you fail in the market, the robot will keep the deposit and gradually increase its volume!

Don't hesitate, open an account with trusted broker, install the BalanceMarket 2.0 Expert Advisor in the MT4 program and see how the deposit starts to grow every day!

Attention! This advisor is no longer available, I recommend paying attention to this adviser! It even gives better signals for gold!

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