Binary options strategy for 15 minutes: Krokus

Binary options strategy for 15 minutes: Krokus
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Binary options strategy for 15 minutes: Krokus is another new development that shows amazing results in trading practice! Start trading binary options right now, because there is nothing complicated here.

When trading binary options intraday in the financial market, 2 types of options are mainly used - these are standard simple binary options with a fifteen-minute period of their validity and TURBO options with a short trade expiration date.

Research has shown that the best results are obtained by setting the option expiration time to 15 minutes.

Now let's talk about an effective options trading system - Krokus, based on receiving signals using technical automatic means.

How to set up automated tools for the Krokus options trading system?

We will trade using this tactic on the terminal this broker, as it is suitable for trading in all respects.

His trading platform has the necessary technical analytical tools for market analysis on our trading system.

Now you need go to the broker platform itself and install the following automated tools for analyzing quotes on the quote chart of the underlying instrument:

  • MA 100 indicator with the construction type Simple;
  • Technical indicator Alligator;
  • RSI 55 indicator with level 50;
  • MACD indicator (standard configurations).

As a result, we get the following type of trading chart of an exchange instrument for option trading:

Setting up a strategy template for 15 minutes

Before we move on to studying the trading signals of this strategy, it is necessary to understand the technical services of the Binomo broker and the trading conditions that allow market participants to achieve excellent results in combination with the signals for the execution of transactions obtained by this method.

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The Binomo broker has the following advantages:

  • Optimal trading conditions that allow you to trade at a rate of 1$ and with a deposit of $10 or more. Under such conditions, it is possible to minimize the level of financial risks, which is very good, especially for novice players;
  • Professional trading platform with a set of technical indicators and graphical services, an informative quote window, the ability to scale the trading chart and view price history, accurate quotes, fast execution of transactions, non-stop trading;
  • High-quality free trading training, analytical customer support;
  • Convenient and fast withdrawal of money from the account through any popular payment system;
  • The legality of the company's activities is regulated by a special document - the license of the CROFR.

Thus, when choosing a Binomo broker for the purpose of cooperation in the financial market, the trader receives professional-level technical tools for binary trading, with the help of which he quickly achieves the desired result.

Strategy signals for 15 minutes

Option buy signal UP:

1. The crossing of the moving average 100 in the upward direction by the lines of the Alligator technical indicator;

2. On the RSI, it is built by a moving average above the trend level of 50;

3. The MACD indicator crosses the zero level with the oscillator lines in the upward direction:

UP option buy signal

Option buy signal WAY DOWN:

1. The crossing of the moving average 100 in the downward direction by the Alligator lines;

2. On the RSI indicator, it is built by a moving average below the trend level of 50;

3. The MACD indicator crosses the zero level with the oscillator lines downwards:

Signal to buy a DOWN option

Choice of expiration time

The Krokus system is a binary options strategy for 15 minutes, so this type of option should be used as the main trading tool.

In addition, when using this trading tactic, you can quite effectively apply TURBO options with a validity period of 1-3 minutes.

To distribute financial risks, you can trade a series of transactions with different expiration dates.

Deposit management

To minimize the level of possible losses that are inevitable when trading on the binary options market, you should set a minimum bet size of $5 (for example, such as this broker).

With large funds on trading deposits, rates can be increased up to 3% and more of the total account size.

Subject to these rules, the amount of the bet will not be overstated, the deposit account will be overloaded, and the unprofitable level will be reduced to a minimum.

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