15 minute options strategy: Reptile

15 minute options strategy: Reptile
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By numerous requests, I publish a strategy for 15 minutes, which effectively works both with classic options and with turbo options.

On binary trading platforms, tick charts of quotes are usually used, on which the identification of trend reversals is quite problematic.

However, the Reptile trading system generates a forecast for a reversal of the trend movement of the market with high accuracy, which allows you to use different types of options in trading - turbo options and options with an expiration of 15 minutes.

This rate of profit is the most efficient way to trade with low risk of losing funds.

The efficiency of the strategy is confirmed by its effectiveness at the level of 85% and the dynamics of the growth of trading capital obtained during testing - the deposit increased by 150% weekly.

Choosing a brokerage platform

Before installing and configuring system indicators, you need to decide on a broker whose application of the system will give the highest result.

We need the company to be distinguished by high reliability and a wide range of high-quality trading services.

The main parameters that the broker must meet are:

  • Availability of licenses regulating the activities of the broker;
  • Dedicated trading platform;
  • Trading conditions whose values will facilitate trading with minimal risks;
  • Free training and daily analytics;
  • Choice of payment services for financial transactions and high speed of funds withdrawal.

There are a huge number of different kinds of brokers on the market today, the best ones can be found in ranking, but now we will take for example excellent broker trading platform.

Here are the services this broker has:

  • A terminal specially designed for option trading, taking into account all the requirements of a trader for professional trading. It includes: a set of underlying assets (currency, metals and stocks), a chart with the functions of changing the format, displaying quotes and the history of market fluctuations, sets of indicators and graphic services.
  • Trading conditions with the following values: initial deposit from 100 USD (6000 rubles), cost of options from 5 USD (300 rubles);
  • Training and analytics of the most professional level;
  • Support for all popular payment services and profit monetization in 24 hours;
  • License of the market regulator CROFR, which fully guarantees the safety of the trader's investments.

Thus, in collaboration with this broker, you get investment protection and a high-quality set of professional trading services for efficient trading.

Installing and configuring indicators

To do this, from the set of indicators we install:

  • MACD indicator, the settings of which are left in the standard configuration.
  • The Alligator indicator, whose moving settings are changed to the following:


As a result of such indicator settings, the following markup will appear on the quotes chart, with the help of which signals will be determined:


Definition of signals

We have already said that the system generates signals for turbo options and options with 15 minutes expiration. Now consider the definition of signals for each type.

Turbo option signal UP looks like this:

1. Red and green movings of the Alligator indicator intersect upwards;
2. Moving averages of the MACD indicator cross up but below the 0 level.

Signal for a simple option UP, is:

1. The red and green lines of the Alligator indicator cross upwards the blue moving average;
2. The MACD indicator lines rose above the 0 level.


Turbo option signals WAY DOWN have this form:

1. Red and green movings of the Alligator indicator intersect downwards;
2. Moving averages of the MACD indicator cross downwards, but are above level 0.

Signal for a simple option WAY DOWN, is:

1. The red and green lines of the Alligator indicator cross the blue moving downwards;
2. MACD indicator lines fall below level 0.


Expiration time

For classic options, the expiration time will be 15 minutes, and for turbo options, from 1 to 5 minutes.

Management of risks

For trading, we take no more than 3% of the total amount of funds on the trading account, or use the minimum broker lots, worth 5$.

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