Strategy for turbo options: Breakout of the moving average

Strategy for turbo options: Breakout of the moving average
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Strategy for turbo options: Breakout of the Moving Average, this is a simple solution for a novice trader!

The trading strategy for binary options "Breakout of the moving average" can be applied in practice without special knowledge of trading processes and brings fairly high results in the form of stable earnings.

So, working with binary options does not cause any difficulties and gives good results.

How do I use moving averages in binary options?

Consider customizing the template.

We select and install one technical indicator, which is the moving average. In the window with the settings of the technical indicator, we change only one construction period - by 100. After all the described actions, the following red line appears on the price chart of the traded instrument:

Strategy on the breakdown of moving averages

The red line shown above is quite simple, however, according to statistics, it allows you to receive 120 percent of the profit from the total amount of the deposit every trading week. So, any newcomer to the options market can significantly increase the size of his trading deposit in a short time!

Moving average strategies are one of the simplest trading strategies for binary options.

Determine signals by strategy

Option buy signal CALL (up):

So, we make a deal UP in the event that on the trading chart of the exchange asset there is a breakdown of the line of the technical indicator "Moving Average" in the upward direction, and the quotation candle closes above the specified line:

Determine signals by strategy

Buying an option PUT (way down):

We make a DOWN trade if on the trading chart of the exchange asset there is a breakdown of the line of the technical indicator of the moving average in the lower direction, and the quotation candle closes below the specified line:

Buying a PUT down option

As you can see, this strategy for binary options is very simple.

What is the reason for such a huge moving average period?

This is due to the fact that the moving average trend technical indicator was originally created in order to be able to determine the trend direction in the options market.

However, I use a fast tick price chart for analysis, where there is no way to determine the main trends. And if you do not change the standard settings of the technical analysis indicator, then it will not be able to give us a forecast because it will constantly follow the direction of the asset quotes.

Expiry level

Moving averages for binary options in our case should be used for trading turbo options with expiration of transactions in the time interval from 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

As practice shows, with such a period, it is possible to receive weekly 120 percent of the increase in the deposit account with virtually no trading risks, which in turn is an excellent indicator for such a simple trading technique.

Capital Management

The size of the trading rate can be increased when a significant increase in depot is obtained. However, even in this case, you should not bet more than 2 percent of the amount of the deposit account.

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