Strategy for Turbo Options: Quick Peak

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What makes binary trading profitable? Basically, success depends on a trading strategy - a certain set of approaches and rules for processing binary option trading transactions.

And it does not matter what type of options was chosen for trading and with what activity it is carried out.

Therefore, I have prepared for you a strategy for turbo options - transactions with a minimum expiration, which are most often used by traders for everyday trading, as well as to quickly increase trading capital.

Turbo Options Strategy: QuickPeak is based on a simple mechanism for making trades based on high-precision indicators, which makes it incredibly effective.

How to set up a strategy template?

So, to start trading using the QuickPeak strategy, you need to set up the following indicators in the terminal with the following parameters:

  • MACD indicator;
  • MA indicator and settings 10 Exponential;
  • MA indicator and settings 5 Exponential.

After that, you should have a chart with the following trading template:

Setting up a strategy template

By setting different construction periods for the MA indicators, in this way, it is clear where the trend is moving in several time horizons.

And the intersections of the MA lines and the lines of the popular MACD indicator indicate short-term changes in the trend trend, so you can make deals based on clear signals at the most favorable asset price!

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I would also like to additionally note that the QuickPeak methodology was developed specifically for turbo options and for use in scalping trading on short-term trend trends.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for trading on longer expiration periods.

Type options: turbo

Strategy signals

Turbo options with an UP forecast (CALL option):

The MA line of the short blue period must cross the MA line of the long red period upwards.

The MACD histogram bars should go up above the zero mark of the scale, and the oscillator's moving averages should cross upwards:

binary options up signal

Turbo options with forecast DOWN (PUT option):

The MA line of the short blue period must cross the MA line of the long red period down.

The histogram bars of the MACD indicator should go up below the zero mark of the scale, and the oscillator's movings should cross downwards:

Down signal for binary options

Binary option transactions should be entered into only when a full-fledged combination of a trading signal is received, and closest to the place where the indicators cross.

So you will not lose the necessary price points on the tick chart of asset quotes, on which, as you know, quote fluctuations occur with great frequency.

Thanks to trading on the specified combination of signals from indicators, you can trade with an efficiency of more than 75% of profitable completed transactions.


Typically, in trading with turbo options, expiration times are used from a range of 1 to 5 minutes. However, it is recommended to set only the minimum expiration time in trades – 1 minute.

With such an expiration time, trading signals from indicators will be the most effective in binary trading.

Money management

The risks in turbo options are always very high. Therefore, it is necessary to more carefully calculate the cost of each transaction in relation to the size of the deposit.

The best option would be to use the smallest lots, for example, such as this broker - 1 dollar, this will minimize losses with small amounts of trading capital.

And if there is a large amount on the deposit, for each transaction you need to use 2% of its size.

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