Turbo Options Strategy: Sliding Fork

Turbo Options Strategy: Sliding Fork
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Strategy for turbo options: Sliding Fork - trading with a fork and two moving averages on binary options.

Perhaps there is no such trader who would not like turbo options. This effective trading tool on the binary market allows you to make a profit at a high speed, which on options of this type has a fairly decent level.

This is what makes turbo options so attractive to many players. However, the catch with this type of options is that without a profitable trading strategy, they can go bankrupt.

Sliding Fork is a strategy for turbo options that is built on signals from linear regression channels, as well as auxiliary indicators, due to which its profitability is over 80%.

On turbo options, this is displayed by decent amounts of profit.

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Building a Sliding Fork trading system template

To recreate the template of this strategy for turbo options on the quote chart of an asset, it is necessary to form a linear regression channel, which takes into account not only extreme market zones, but also the degree of price deviation from its average value.

Another component of the template is an indicator of the Exponential type, with two moving periods 3 and 5.

The construction of the linear regression channel is carried out by means of three lines drawn according to the extremums of quotes with intermediate price values.

It is best to use a specialized service for this, which provides on its platform here this broker along with an expanded arsenal of advanced tools and the most loyal trading conditions:

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Trading with a broker with such potential guarantees consistently profitable options trading results.

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So, to create a template for chart select the Fork tool and use it to build a linear regression channel.

Then, simply add indicators with the necessary settings to the chart, after which the price chart of the selected asset with the template of this strategy for turbo options will look something like this:

Turbo Options Strategy Template: Sliding Fork

Signals on the Sliding Fork trading system

Make a deal UP occurs after identification on the chart of the following combined signal from indicators and quotes:

1. The candlesticks of quotes have touched the lower frame of the linear regression channel.
2. There was an upward crossing of the EMA 5 indicator line by the EMA 3 line.

Buying an option up the strategy

Make a deal WAY DOWN occurs after identification on the chart of the following combined signal from indicators and quotes:

1. The candlesticks of quotes touched the upper frame of the linear regression channel.
2. There was a downward crossing of the EMA 5 indicator line by the EMA 3 line.

Down option buy signal

When this regression channel is broken, it becomes a high-precision signal to make a trade in the direction of the breakout, as well as a signal to build a new channel.

In this case, as an additional signal, you can also use the intersection of moving averages near the central line of the constructed linear regression channel. So you can get more trading signals and, thereby, increase the effectiveness of trading.

Trading in this mode allows you to conclude up to 25 transactions within an hour, 80% of which are guaranteed to end in profit!

Expiration time

For transactions concluded according to the rules of the Sliding Fork trading system, it is best to set expiration times of 1-2 minutes.

Such a short period of duration of transactions is due to the tick interval for plotting the quotes chart on the trading floor and the short-term relevance of the signal generated by the strategy.

Management of risks

To reduce the level of risks, it is necessary to conclude transactions for an amount not exceeding 2% of the amount of capital, or simply reduce the transaction amount to the minimum amount - 5 USD, which allows this broker.

With such an approach to risk management, this strategy for turbo options with minimal losses will bring a decent profit.

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