Strategy: Multiplier - fast income on turbo options!

Strategy: Multiplier - fast income on turbo options!
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Turbo options are now a popular tool for high-frequency binary options trading. Their execution speed and high trading cycles allow all traders without exception to receive a quick income!

But for their constant use, we simply need a profitable trading system and that it should be distinguished, first of all, by the highest accuracy of trading signals!

And a successful combination of the most dynamic and high-precision graphic signal indicators will allow us to achieve such efficiency.

Which broker is suitable for effective trading of TURBO options?

In addition to the direct functionality of the strategy under consideration and its technical trading indicators, the trading performance is affected by the established conditions of the broker, namely, the operating parameters of the trading terminal of the selected company.

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For the highest level of trading efficiency, the following parameters of the trading platform will be required:

  • Minimum conditions set for option trading;
  • A trading platform with services already integrated into it for using signal indicators;
  • The most optimal list of highly profitable underlying assets and also their most accurate quotes;
  • High-speed opening of trade orders aimed at execution of option contracts;
  • Ability to use turbo options with their optimal range for expiration dates.

The most acceptable option for choosing a binary broker in order to apply a strategy for turbo options - Multiplier is this broker, on the trading terminal of which such services of increased comfort are available, such as:

  • Professional optional terminal with the required set of indicators already integrated into it;
  • Conditions for comfortable trading: a deposit to start trading - from 100 USD, and the starting cost of options - from 5 USD.
  • Over eighty highly profitable underlying assets of various types with highly accurate reliable quotes supplied from a reliable source;
  • The speed of execution of an option contract on the Binomo terminal is only 1.7 ms;
  • Turbo options applied with a range of their convenient expiration from 60 to 300 seconds.

Features of installing a template for the Multiplier options trading system

A graphical template for working within the framework of the Multiplier trading strategy should consist of the following list of graphical signal indicators of the system:

  • Trading indicator MA 5;
  • Trading indicator MA 10;
  • Trading indicator MA 3;
  • Trading indicator MA 15.

And for all moving averages, we set their construction type to Triangular.

You also need to install:

  • Signal indicator RSI with its trend level of 50 and with a frequency of 21;
  • Signal indicator MACD with its parameters for the oscillator 26/52/7.

And in the finished form, the graphic template on the chart takes the following form:

Strategy for turbo options

Determination of trading signals using the Multiplier method

Turbo option with direction UP we buy at the time of observation on the quotes of the selected underlying asset such a signal combination from the technical indicators of the system:

1. A bunch of MA indicator lines turned up;

2. The signal indicator MACD shows the intersection of its oscillator lines upwards;

3. The RSI signal indicator breaks up the trend level with a dynamic line.

Turbo option down

Turbo option with direction WAY DOWN At the time of observation, we draw up such a signal combination of the system:

1. A bunch of MA indicator lines turned down;

2. The signal indicator MACD shows the intersection of its oscillator lines down;

3. The RSI signal indicator breaks down the trend level with its dynamic line.

Turbo option down


The accuracy of the received indicator signals, as well as their duration, allows you to fully use the entire expiration range for turbo options available on the broker's trading floor.

However, a long-term testing of the Multiplier trading system in practice showed that the most effective range for trading is the expiration time of turbo options, which is 120-240 seconds.

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