Binary Options Trading Strategy: Carpaccio

Binary Options Trading Strategy: Carpaccio
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Binary options trading strategy: Carpaccio is a trading system whose indicators most accurately identify long-term trends on the chart of the selected trading asset - the efficiency of its signals reaches 85%.

And a fairly simple mechanism for identifying these signals when using this trading system allows even inexperienced beginners to get very high trading results!

The amount of income earned by a trader always directly depends on the number of trading lots opened by him and on the ratio between the number of deals closed with positive or negative results.

Therefore, the most optimal mode for trading will be trading with a series of short-term lots on trends with a predetermined long time period for their construction (expiration).

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Setting up a Carpaccio strategy trading template

The signal indicator toolkit for this trading system is simple - it consists of only three indicators that work on the chart of a trading asset according to different principles.

To generate markup for the system, go to trading platform selected asset and set indicators with the following settings:

  • Alligator indicator in its standard configuration (by default);
  • RSI indicator, set to level 50 with a period for moving 21;
  • The Moving Average trading indicator is of the Simple type (its period should be set to 50 and for convenience, the color of the moving average should be changed to black).

When creating a template for the trading strategy in question, a trader often encounters some problems.

Because, in fact, only a few trading platforms designed for option trading on the binary options exchange support the functioning of the signal technical indicators of this system to a sufficient extent.

Given this fact, it is recommended to apply this strategy on the site for binary trading from this broker company.

This brokerage company, created for trading on the binary options exchange, has specially developed its own absolutely unique specialized terminal - and all modern professional tools, without exception, that are designed for asset analysis, have become available to traders.

In addition, this broker offers a complete list of modern trading services necessary for every trader, namely:

  • A modern trading platform with signal indicators integrated into it and comfortable graphic services for analysis.
  • A formattable quote chart, accurate quotes, as well as a mode for viewing the history of changes in the market of the selected asset.
  • Trading conditions in the mode of the minimum possible trading indicators on the exchange - with the volume of the initial deposit for entering trading - only 10 US dollars and with the amount of the minimum lot - starting from 1 US dollar.
  • The widest range of incredibly comfortable support services, such as training and analytical support.
  • A highly professional level training simulator for developing primary trading skills and for testing your own trading systems, as well as the broker provides free signals!
  • The fastest withdrawal of funds from your deposit using the widest list of popular payment services.

And having at hand this list of technical capabilities, as well as convenient trading services, each of the traders (even if he is new to the market) receives consistently high results from trading.

And finally, when we have already installed on our quote chart the entire set of indicators required to work within the framework of the Carpaccio trading strategy, the following picture appeared on it:

Carpaccio Strategy Trading Template

Definition of trading signals

A set of signals that is used to open trading positions when sending a forecast about the movement of quotes UP will look like this:

1. The RSI indicator curve rises above the 50 scale mark and builds its own uptrend;

2. On the Alligator indicator on the quote chart of the selected asset, the moving averages cross the curve of the signal indicator of the Moving Average in an upward direction.

We open an exchange contract at the moment when the combination of signals described above is formed on the quotes chart.

  • We open additional transactions directed upwards when short-term price rollbacks form on the chart with a downward direction:

Signals up for the Carpaccio strategy

Complex of signals WAY DOWN look similar, namely, like this:

1. The RSI indicator curve falls below the level of 50 and builds its own downtrend;

2. On the Alligator indicator on the quote chart of the selected asset, the moving averages cross the curve of the MA signal indicator in the downward direction.

We open an exchange contract at the moment when the combination of signals described above is formed on the quotes chart.

  • Additional transactions directed downwards are opened when short-term price rollbacks form on the chart with an upward direction:

Signals down the Carpaccio strategy

Trade positions expiration time

Despite the timely identification by this trading system of the vast majority of long trend fluctuations (namely, we use them to enter the market), traders are advised to use option lots with a short expiration time.

A suitable expiration range for trading lots is a period of time from 6 to 180 seconds.

So we get the opportunity to successfully form a series of short-term trading lots and, as a result, earn larger amounts of funds at the exit.

Profitability of the strategy

The average level of performance when using this strategy is expressed in the growth of trading capital by 200% in one trading week!

Money management

When using the Carpaccio trading system, an exponential ratio of profitable contracts to unprofitable ones demonstrates a significant advantage in the direction of a positive trading result.

But, however, for the purpose of correct capital management, it is necessary to establish certain restrictions on the value of option contracts.

For trader's deposit capitals with large amounts on the account - the level of the cost of trading lots is limited to 3% of the total amount of capital.

On deposits that were opened with the size of the initial deposit, which is set by the broker at 100 USD, we use only lots with an initial value of 5 USD.

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