Trading strategy: Booker for a minimum deposit of 10$!

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Trading strategy: Booker for a minimum deposit of 10$! Want to start trading but only have 10 bucks in your pocket? This trading technique was created exclusively for you!

Often, stock traders at the beginning of their careers believe that in order to get high results on binary options, you must certainly have a large amount of a trading deposit.

This common misconception has prevented many stock market players from becoming potentially successful in the financial arena. Say, on a deposit of 10 USD this broker you can earn considerable amounts, the main thing is to have a trading technique with effective indicators.

The strategy we are considering today: Booker is the best approach to trading with minimal investment amounts that quickly turn into a large amount of capital. You will receive data regarding the principles of trading by the method in this material.

Conditions for applying the trading method according to the Booker strategy

The main principle of trading on minimum deposits is the use of trading positions with their minimum value, for example, as the Binomo broker offers. Trading lots on his terminal have an initial cost of 1 US dollar.

In this mode, exchange risks will have minimal values at the level of 10% of the total deposit amount. It cannot be argued that this is a fairly high level, however, if a system with a high level of recovery and performance is used, then the trading deposit will quickly increase in volume, and financial risks will gradually fall to minimal values and eventually come to an acceptable level of 2% of trading capital.

The Booker trading strategy should be attributed to the indicator type of methods, therefore, it is suitable for us to use it. broker terminal, because it has a set of indicators with the necessary list of technical means of analysis, which is a great rarity for the binar exchange market.

Let's start learning the technique. First, we will install the following list of signal instruments on the chart of a trading asset:

  • Bollinger Waves indicator (default settings);
  • MACD indicator (default settings);
  • RSI indicator (settings for building a moving average by default, but you need to change the scale levels to 30 and 70).

The following picture should appear on the quote chart:

Booker strategy

The Booker methodology uses classic channel trading approaches based on the Bollinger Bands indicator with confirming instruments.

Here, the main signal for trading will be the indicators of the channel Bollinger, and the confirming signals that will filter out the bulk of the false signals for trading will be the indicators of the MACD and RSI indicators.

And this is how we will reduce the number of unprofitable trading positions and increase the efficiency of trading.

Signals according to the Booker trading methodology

The DOWN binary option is opened upon receipt of the following signals from the strategy indicators:

1. Quotes of the underlying asset, as a result of fluctuations, touched the upper limit of the Bollinger price band, which has a yellow color.

2. The MACD black moving crossed the red line down, and a red bar appeared on the histogram below the axial line.

3. The RSI oscillator moving out of the overbought area and pointed to the downtrend direction.

Binary option down strategy

Binary option UP is bought when the following signals are identified:

1. Quotes of the underlying asset, as a result of fluctuations, touched the lower limit of the Bollinger price band, which has a green color.

2. The black MACD moving crossed the red line upwards, and a green bar appeared on the histogram above the axial line.

3. The RSI oscillator moving out of the oversold area and indicated an uptrend.

Binary option up strategy

As a result of the use of these clear signals in trading, there will be a receipt of trading statistics, which will make it possible to receive a highly dynamic growth of trading capital.

And 87% trades will bring profit on average. The methodology shows a high level of performance and recovery strategy. As a result, during the trading day, you can easily double the amount of deposit capital.

Money management

We touched upon the deposit management rules at the beginning of the article - we take only the minimum volumes of exchange contracts until a result is achieved that allows us to reduce the degree of risks to 2% of the amount of trading funds.

Then we use standard approaches to managing financial depot and exchange risks.

Expiry level

The expiration of trading lots must be set in the range up to 180 seconds.

At the end of the article, it is worth noting: no matter how much money you have on your deposit, the success of your binary options trading will depend on your discipline and the effectiveness of the approaches you use to obtain a forecast.

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