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Accurate trading strategy Color Snake, with which even a complete beginner can earn from scratch on binary options!

The basic principle of the binary option - UP / DOWN, allows you to use simple indicators in trading, the task of which is to clearly and timely determine trend reversals.

At the same time, it does not matter at all: this is a global trend reversal or a short-term correction.

The main task of a market participant is to accurately determine the turning point and execute a contract on time.

Against this background, I propose to consider the Color Snake strategy, the combination of indicators of which allows you to identify reversals of quote fluctuations with high accuracy and provides excellent dynamics of the growth of working capital.

Trading strategy requirements

Despite the rapid development of the binary market, in terms of technology, the trader's equipment leaves much to be desired. Companies still offer outdated platforms with poor technical equipment for trading.

Only a few companies, for example, this legendary broker, approached this issue responsibly and provided clients with trading software of a fairly professional level.

Based on this and considering the presence on the brokerage platform set of indicators used in the trading system, we can recommend this company as binary options trading.

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In addition, it is worth focusing on the auxiliary services and trading conditions of the broker, which help to increase the trading result and increase the professionalism of the trader:

  • High quality teaching materials;
  • Professional analytical support;
  • The minimum possible trading conditions: a deposit for trading from 100 USD, the initial cost of an option transaction from 5 USD;
  • High-speed withdrawal of profit funds;
  • A stable working trading terminal with a large list of technical means;

Proper setting of the strategy template

The system uses a list of three indicators:

  • Standard MACD indicator;
  • RSI indicator with period 25 and levels 70, 30;
  • The Alligator indicator is a setting that needs to be changed as follows.

Trading strategy settings

After installing the Color Snake trading strategy template, we get a set of indicators with high-precision settings, which allows you to place contracts even at the initial stage of a trend reversal.

This trading mode gives at least 80% profitable binary options trades.

Trading strategy signals

The combination of signals of the Color Snake trading strategy for the UP binary option is as follows:

1. The Alligator indicator with its moving indicates a steadily rising dynamics of the formation;
2. The MACD indicator showed a reversal of quotes by crossing up the oscillator lines;
3. The green line of the Alligator indicator crossed up the red and blue lines.

We execute an UP order only after receiving a complete combination of signals:

Binary option UP

The combination of signals of the "Color Snake" trading strategy for the DOWN binary option looks like this:

1. The Alligator indicator with its moving indicates a steadily downward trend building dynamics;
2. The MACD indicator showed a reversal of quotes by crossing the oscillator lines down;
3. The green line of the Alligator indicator crossed the red and blue lines down.

We execute the DOWN binary option only after receiving the full combination of signals:

Binary option DOWN

The accuracy of the generated signal lies in the use of indicators with different forms and construction periods, which take into account various market indicators during operation.

Thus, we get the opportunity to assess the prospects for market movement in various time and price frames.

This approach to the formation of the forecast gives a clear filtered signal to trade. Based on this, the system gives such a high result.


Such settings of indicator periods for working on the tick chart of the underlying asset quotes are intended for use in trading turbo options with an expiration time range of up to 180 seconds.

During such a period of time, the signal of the trading strategy will not lose its relevance and will bring profit in a guaranteed mode.

Money management

The Color Snake trading strategy is a high-frequency trading system that stands out along with high efficiency and a high level of trading risks.

To reduce losses to a minimum and steadily increase working capital, it is necessary to limit the cost of one transaction to a level of 3% of the amount of capital, or use the minimum amount of contracts in trading - 5 USD, which are offered, for example, on this trading platform.

By reducing losses and getting a large number of profitable trades, we, even on minimal trades, will get a good increase in funds.

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